Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Rudolf Herczog


The addition of all those small lights really conveys a a sense of the scale involved here - those array structures are huge!

And I’m glad you’ve decided to follow this one through. :thumbsup:



Cool. :thumbsup:

Will the towers have a similar texture?


Now this is what I like to see…Continuation of a very nice start and plan…I admire your efforts and art Rudolf,and will be here to enjoy your further progress…Keep at it as planned and this will be a wonderful entry to be proud of…:arteest:


Hello Rudolf!

Love your vessel design! The lights on the station structure seem a bit blurred tough, fortunately, as many of us in the comunnity, I have become acquainted with your work in the past years and have no doubt whatsoever that you’ll adress this :slight_smile: .

Best of luck and congrats on your fantastic portfolio… I’ll be waiting to see how you pull this one off :thumbsup:


looking good. Once you get those lights to be high resolution that should look awesome. Think about doing some lines of light maybe as well or beams of lights (volumetrics)? Good luck.



Thanx a lot everyone. It has been a little slow with the updates, but i´m on it. :slight_smile:


Textures looking great, Rudolph!




A small update, this time on the lighting.
Basically, i´ll have a few light sources for this one. One bright star way behind the structure, some gas clouds that adds the red, and a planet below.

Still more stuff to add. A few more array-groups, spread around the scene, as well as more ships.


impresive city… I can’t wait to see the finished image :smiley:



nice city, I like the impression I can get of the final image :eek: I just have a question besides: This looks like a huge amount of creatures living in those structures. Is there going to be a
equal amount of traffic?


wow, u seem to b working a lot… nice city buddy… i can c ur very true to ur main concept… thats very professional… but i got a lil crit… the sufrace of the main body of the city is detailed, but the flat surface makes the detail washed off…i suggest u add some potruding objects on the surface… btw ur doing a great job… and lighting at this stage is impessive… orite m off for no… keep up the good wroks and good luck


Very realistic lighting! Great stuff:thumbsup: I can only advice to increase the distance fog a little bit.
Good luck!


I’m liking a lot the distant, slightly colored light on the “cities”. Looks alien enough, but not enough to disturb the perception of the image itself.

Cool work as always.



Hello city builder…:wink: …Great to see you back at it strong…Things are looking really fine and clean,nice qulaity and I can see that your ideas are coming along as planned.Looking forward to more,and seeing this get to where I can see the potential…Give that baby some real love detail wise…I like the lighting very much.a soft and nice appeal…Go at it with your best Rudolf,it’s going to be (Already is) a entry to be proud of…:arteest: :cool:


heya, awesome textures you have…

I like the hexagonal shaped ‘hive’ city you’ve designed. keep it up :thumbsup:


just dropping in to watch your work …
havent had the time to post my own :
im afraid im not gonna make the deadline now .
too much work built up in my offline time .

ive got a new connection now though

so …
if i manage to work out the pile of work ive got illl spend some time on mine .

looking great ofc .
like said
some more traffic would hit it off …
and id love to see a crystal material on the center towers .


Looks fantastic! Im happy you continued as I am sure this will become one heavy contender.

Keep em coming! :thumbsup:


Thanx a lot guys. Most kind of you. :slight_smile:

There´s definitely going to be some traffic around the city. Since it´s mainly going to be small vessels around the city, they don´t need this much detail though. Basically some low-poly stuff.
There´s also going to be a cargo vessel up close, heading for the city.

The reason for the flat surfaces, is to add a large amount of city lights to them. It will eventually make up for the lack of objects.

Apart from one or two more sets of arrays, i´m thinking of adding some sort of communication array as well. Haven´t decided on that one yet. If i add one, i´ll be posting some shots of that one too.

The center towers are actually my biggest concern right now. Not exactly sure if i will add citylights to them or something else. Since they are the main living quarters, i would have to use really tiny lights to set the right scale, but these would barely be visible.
Have to give it some more thought and come up with something good.

I really hope you can finish up the scene. I know it´s going to be a killer entry. :slight_smile:


Maybe you can get away with it by not turning on all lights… or making bigger buildings :shrug:
Or horizontal light stripes… considering that you may not need to “scale down” your glowglobes you might use those light stripes.
Just an idea.


:thumbsup: man this is an awesome station really cool great job and love all those small details
this is coming along nicely and very clean designs love them

good job man:buttrock: