Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Rudolf Herczog


oh man

thats so damn good


Thanx a lot. :slight_smile:


Hey man. Congrats… you’ve got some killer concepts here. And with your evidently awesome modeling skills you’ll bring them to life. I’ll check your updates often. Keep it up!


I am really digging your entry,I feel at home here somehow,like we are on the same wave length,strange but cool…Nice cargo ship,a great addition to the growing fleet of models Rudolph…Keep it coming,looking great…:arteest: :beer:


Excellent indeed, are you gonna make it in panoramic format too ??? It looks like it would fit in like that better ! :applause:


man, fantastic modeling… Sense of scale is just so good :thumbsup: Hope i can achieve half of that detail in my models heh…

Lycka till du med!


Great modeling going on! Almost feel the brass in the soundtrack when it’s approaching…




Thanx a lot guys. :slight_smile:

No panorama for this one. 3636x2657 h/w, or larger. :slight_smile:


looking very cool! love the detail
keep up tha good work



wow, great detailed work. go on, i’m really looking forward to have a glimpse when it’s texturised. gonna be great.

greets, smithing


Thanx a lot guys, and sorry for the lack of updates. I have a job to finish up here, so i´m not sure if i´ll be able to complete the challenge, unfortunatly.
Going to try though. :slight_smile:


Rudolf…I certanly hope you can get this done…Find the time…Even if you cannot finish up,than you can still continue afterwards,take it to the WIP section,then the finished gallery…the idea is very nice,it would be a pity to miss out on it’s potential…So give it your all,I hope to see you continue…All the best…:arteest: :beer:


Yes, it would be pity if you didn’t finish this.

Do complete it, even if it’s long after the challenge. :bounce:


Yeah, i´ll complete it either way. :slight_smile:


You just have to, Rudolph… many people won’t forgive you if you drop this one.




Rudy, regardless of whether it makes it into the competion on not due to realworld time issues, please, please finish it. I want to see it! BTW the 3dworld article was really cool. Some interesting insights. Thanks (and congrats!)


OK, had some free time to work on the image.
This is what i had in mind for the textures of the arrays. I want to keep it pretty simple, because i´ll be putting a lot of tiny lights on the surfaces as well.


And this is just a quick example of what i had in mind for the tiny lights.
Naturally, it´s going to look a lot better. :slight_smile:



Thats a nice model and with them all together it looks very impressive. Hope you can finish this.
My GSO entry


hey nice textureing man…i didnt get to check this thread out for some tyms now… but seems like ur progressing… keep up the good job man… best wishes again :thumbsup: