Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Rudolf Herczog


Hmmm. How about adding some kind of tunnels at the equator of a city? A docking arm should probably be at the same position.

Or if the city spins around the Y axis, then a docking arm should be at the top of the tallest building.

The docking spot should be where the spin speed is the lowest.


Hey Electroglyph. The mesh is about 10 MB, and it´s not finished either. :slight_smile:

Not exactly sure of the exact number of cubes here (haven´t checked), but it´s probably a couple of thousands. I really really wish i would have R9 and image displacement right now. :slight_smile:

As for the docking arms, i was thinking of the gap in the center as well. Indeed, the entire group of arrays spins around their axis, to create artificial gravity, but it´s the best place i can think of.


A closeup here. The stuff sticking up is intentional to add more irregularity to the surface. I´ll just use some lights and a bumpmap for the rest later on.


yea center would be best

and i think a counter rotating arm would be the best option to go

this would significatly make it easier to dock since the arm would remain still paralel to the ship


Those details are really excellent, makes you want to see a close-up of the close-up :smiley:

As your using Cinema as I am, may I ask how you created such fine greebles? Are they primitives or extrusions?


Thery´re just primitives. (well, apart from the bent pipes)
Just place out a couple of cubes randomly. Select all of them, copy/paste and decrease their size a little. Rotate them 90 degrees and move them a little to any side. Select all the cubes again, copy/paste etc etc. Keep repeating this until you have filled up the wanted area.
Not exactly greeble, but it works. :slight_smile:


Insane details!! :thumbsup:


Look’n mighty sweet there bro! I like it!


Ditto on the detail. This is starting to look like a kit bash on a real model. Really adds to the scale.



Nice idea! I really like the sketches. The ship looks pretty cool. Cant wait to see it in 3D. The modeling on the station looks awesome. Nice level of detailing so far. Looks like you still have a lot of work ahead of you. Keep it up!


hello Rochr,

neat and clean work, i can say !!

would like to request you to post some wires too, so we can learn good modeling !!

if u can put up some imgs showing the progress of ur model, would be damn useful…and i think u can also give us tips on how / why u plan ur composition .

WOOWWW !! neat inspiration !!



Sure, wires are no problem, i´ll post some later on.
As for the rest, you´re asking a newbie for tips here. This is only my second serious scene with Cinema. :slight_smile:


Always givin’ away some tuts for free, Rudolph, that’s why we all like you so much :bounce: !!!

I still have to figure out displacement in XSI, but your technique here is just great. And the results rock. Knowing you, I’m expecting an impressive amount of detail.

Just can’t wait to see how this progresses.



LOL, you a newbie, good is good reagrdless of how many C4D models you have made, Rudy!


As promised, a wire of the main construction.


Just continuing to follow,and having fun.Like the promise very much.My cup of tea your work Rudolf…compositing will be our best friend you and me in the end I am thinking…:wink: :arteest:


And a couple of new details. The wall is for the center of the arrays, and the walkway is the thing connecting them.



I can´t emphasise enough on how much i agree with you on that one. :slight_smile:


great too see that you are shaping up on others comments . i think u should tweak your model just a tad …

im seeing some bad smoothing going on on the top of the walkway should be easy to fix,
for the rest you’re doing great and i will be folowing this every step u take !


The funny thing is that i haven´t used any smoothing in the scene. :slight_smile:

But i took your advise and played some more with the walkway. Just some simple extrution of some polys. Since everything else have sharp edges, this one fits the rest of the stuff much better.

Thanx for the pointer man. :slight_smile: