Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Rudolf Herczog


Oh i wouldn´t be so sure. Judging by your models, we´re going to see some serious detail work. :slight_smile:


The base for one of the city arrays. Next, i´m going to start adding details on the larger flat surfaces, by cutting out parts, and fill it up with structures, pipes and stuff.


man i loved cubic …

i wonder why i never won any awards :
mesh is looking good ill be expecting some more of that soon :slight_smile:


Sweet looking city. The cluster of buildings really looks good. I like the order and chaos represented in it.


I like what I’m seeing,sounds good,and looks good already.Have you thought of giving the building area some bridges to add some variety and seperation?The cargo vessel looks cool,and I hope to see a good amount of details on it once in 3D. Ok,i like the concept,good luck.:thumbsup:


Hey, looking good, i see those stations are connected eyh?
Maybe you could create a powercore in the centre of the stations-ring.
also you could create a special unit for all ships, so people can travel to the rest of the area’s…somthing like a receptionhall!

Just some general idea’s that have been spinning my mind



to further help you …id love to see somekind of freightbay for the freighters
mayb do some docking stations for personel ships


A lot of great ideas here. :slight_smile:

The buildings will definitely have more detail, and i´ll probably place some lights between them as well. And there´s going to be pathways connecting the arrays.
For the docking stations, i was thinking of having some at the gap in the middle, along with some other stuff, and for the freighters, some arm-like structure sticking out from the arrays.

Right now though, i must think out some better way to add all these details without blowing up my machine. I´m doing a test render with the detailwork on those flat areas, and it´s been rendering for hours now. +(


Cool idea for that arm!
would be nice to make somethink like


(A wireframe, and within, some sorta corrdior running, for the pilots to enter the station.)

If ya dont understand what i mean, say so, i’ll make a 3d render to show it ^^



I liked the two way skyrappers growing! It gives a sense of boundary breaking.
And I liked the clean modeling too!

Keep it going!

Best Regards,


Great to see you join in Rochr, was wondering when you would show up :smiley:

Im really looking forward to see how your work will develop. Happy modelling!!!


u mean triange supported structures ?


Adding myself to the Rochr FanClub! - best of luck Rudy, although I don’t think luck will be playing much part in what you create here! :thumbsup: Looking good so far!


Thanx guys. :slight_smile:

About those support beams, i know what you mean. There will be some of those in the scene. I was thinking of using them as part of the structure linking the cities. Not exactly sure about the docking arms though. Perhaps adding some partially embedded in the structure.


Some more detail…


very impresive modeling Rochr


Nice sense of scale. You’ve taken very simple polys and made them look very complex. My one ship isn’t finished and its already up to 3MB. How big is this mesh?


Real interesting,I am liking the scale of things.But is there more closeup eventually for detail work to be seen.Layout look great.:thumbsup:


hah u freak .
how many cubes are in there?


hey gr8 concept and modeling… i really liked the detail u put in it and the technique u used… very claver… and man i learned a lot from u… thanx for that… keep goin… i’ll b trackin ya…best of luck :thumbsup: