Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Roshan Lohani


Hi Roshan,
what a big step forward…:applause: Haven’t visited your thread since one week …and what a progress! Fantastic, dude!

I like the dynamics from the ships and the trafic…Keep it up like that,mate!:bounce:


I like the composition, gives a clear view on the ships and still keeps it filled.
textures are looking sweet.
you’re doing a great job on this one:applause:


I will add another comment/critic as soon as you post a render with light and textures of all the objects in the scene, like an overall render… So far so good, looking good, keep it up :smiley:


I really like this scene so far. WOW :slight_smile: Press on - your doing a great job.



It’s looking good :thumbsup:

You should however consider going a little easy on that coarse bump on the building walls. Fact is that it ruins the scale a bit. To perform a little test, you can try switching off the bump channel, load the bumpmap as a specularity and/or reflection map instead, and maybe scale it down (or increase the tiling)… render and see… I’m sure it will make the building look bigger.


Good start on the texturing there! :thumbsup: Kind of too dark so far but waiting for updates


Hi Roshan…You are going at light speed it seems…:wip: …Your compo and models and now texturing at full tilt…I have weeks of modeling still,and am just doing texture tests as I go…So when I see your deep into texture phase it is something…I think James brought up my exact thoughts on the “Bump” of the walls…I would agree to tone this down some,sometimes less is better in many things…Also I think you have too many colors/textures,it seems a bit loud,too much going on,perhaps you should cut a couple colors out and add some of your favorites in there place?This of course is just a taste thing,for me it seems right,for you I may be completly wrong in my thoughts,but I like to call things as I see them…:slight_smile:

Ok it’s WIP for a reason,and you sure have alot done,doing a good job here,just keep at it as you are…All the best Roshan…:arteest:


Wow so many replies, Lemog, markovicd., SuperXCM, jddog, Saschi0815, KennyM, ARSA, Daniel McMillan, JamesMK, terraarc and Virtuoso thanx a lot for replying, glad to know that you all are following my post. Well About the textures I agree with James and Virtuoso they are too loud and litle bigger in size, so I will manipulate my textures again in photoshop and make the colors more or less same and also I will increase the the tiling. The generator rightnow looks little dark, I am still working on the lighting part.
Thanx again for replying.:slight_smile:


Ok the transport truck is textured its almost done. All c&c’s welcome.


I guess now the ship has a metallic look.
All c&c’s welcome.


ohh yes…i love the rusted look on your texture…good work man!


Nice work !!!

And good luck for the challenge :wink:


I really like the way the ship is looking now, but to be honest the truck has a cartoonish look. I know that you don’t want this kind of look so i suggest you to change some things on it, like the midle wheels (try to put them more in the front or back), increase the detail or try to use diferent textures for the diferent parts of the truck. I hope this could help!!:slight_smile:


Progressing well there! Agree on pBarrelas comments on the truck. Also I would suggest going on a different color scheme for the alien ship than the one used in the city, in order to show better cultural and technological differences


rattlesnake, Dravenfr, pBarrelas and terraarc thanx a lot for replying. Well you all right, now the truck is looking little cartoonish, I will try to make it more realistic. You all have to excuse me, say for one or two weeks, I have got stuck in a deadline job, I wil try to compelete it and get back as soon as possible.

Thanx again:)


Good realisation, but I think you’re idea is a bit… classical. Remind me a bit Blade Runner.


hey, i don’t know if you allready corected it or not, but in the textures of the building…the holes looked a bit…big, it still is iron, isn’t it? it’s just a suggestion though :smiley:


Hi Roshan, back again… stunning eye candy here :thumbsup: - very nice textures as mentioned above…and the idea with the different color schemes from terraarc is a good point to think about…

keep on and all the best to you with your job:bounce:
Looking forward to “see” u soon…


heya dude… just checking back, you’ve made some good progress mate. Keep it going, the final image will look kickass.


NicoDN, |-|²O, Saschi0815, Versiden thanx for kind words, I am trying to finish my job as soon as possible.
Thanx again for replying:)