Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Roshan Lohani


hi…modeling is looking nice mate…about the light test i think that the lcd screen doesnt have too much power to generate that kind of lighting effect…i think that this effect needs to be very soft…

oh and i really like your new tunels mate are they going to be cristal?


WyattHarris: Thanx a lot for replying. Well the screen is generating colors on the bridge. Right
now it is bleeding too much, I still have to fix it.

rattlesnake: Yeah you are right the screen’s light is not that intense, I will surely make it more soft and mild. Actually I was thinking of giving a metalic look to the tunnels but crystal feel will also look cool.

Thanx again for replying:)


I have adjusted the lights intensity, I guess now the lights falling on the bridge looks soft and mild. Also I have added fog in the background.
All c&c’s welcome.


Well now the bridge looks empty as if no one uses it. So I have modeled this transport truck, which I will be adding later in the scene after the texturing is done. I have not added lot of details as it is not a very important part of my scene, Just trying to add some elements on the bridge.


really cool composition madshoota!colors are comin’ good! i like the way the background fade like smoke…keep goin’:thumbsup:


amazing progress, congrats :thumbsup:


Jaba153, jddog thanx a lot for kind words:) . Well for creating that smoky feel I just done a small trick, I created a plane in Max and just added an opacity map of the same skyline.
Thanx again for replying.


Just keep rolling along roshan…More and more…Don’t forget you got to texture all these…:wink: :arteest: …Looking good,vast and quite complex…You have some nice depth as well in the scene…Keep it going strong…:arteest:


Virtuoso, thanx for replying, Yeah lot of things has to be textured, generator, building and all other small elements which I have added in my scene, But as per my plan I guess I might be able to compelete the finished scene.:slight_smile:


that’s looking much better man… wow

so much more sense of depth with the fog you added


Well this is a rough composition. I have just added all the elements in my scene. In my final scene there will be more number of Alien ships.
Modeling is compeleted, only thing remaining is I have to add some kind of support to the bridges.
All c&c’s welcome.


Started texturing the building.
All c&c’s welcome.


Also I have started texturing the Generator. All c&c’s welcome.


All c&c’s welcome.


nice looking textures, it should be cool seeing this when it’s finished, maybe you should put some more streaks of dirt/rust comming down from where those tubes go into the wall


Versiden and itsruinedmylife thanx a lot for replying.:slight_smile:


Whaouw… you work so hard and fast Roshan…

I don’t read all, but I’ve watching all picture… you like building I think :smiley: a lot of good things…

Your truck is really funny… maybe too different if we compare it with the other peaces of the scene… but for what not… with good texturing, I’m sure the result will be perfect, no ?


gr8 work mate! just slow down little bit… :smiley:


Nice update!! I like it!

The texture are very cool too! Perhaps the generator can be illuminate a little by the front, because, i thinks that this dark shadow hide a lot the modeling… but it’s just an idea… :shrug:
(i don’t know if you understand what i want to say :blush: )

But, you do a very good work on the modeling and texture, keep going man!! :buttrock:

(SuperXcm waiting for his computer to continue the challenge… :wink: )


wonderufl progress and well… really fast !