Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Roshan Lohani


hey mad like it very much!


Very nice!! I think that your ship is much better now! Well done :thumbsup: !!


uwil, markovicd., pBarrelas, thanx for replying. I am glad to know that you all liked my spaceship:)


Hi…im here now…i saw your modeling and texturing…and i think theyre good …the textures youre painting looks nice…but something is wrong about specular …the material seems like plastic…maybe it needs more metalness for the material…and also try to make harder edges for the ship…well is just a little advice…ill be following your work man…:thumbsup:


Nice but I think it would be better if you paint different parts for each surfaces… The texture tiles too much, in my opinion…


This is quick work in 3dstudio max. I have created this space scene for the lcd screen display. Eveything is done in max, modeling texturing and for stars and glows I have used videopost filters.
All c&c’s welcome.


A small update. City with Lcd screen, some sign-boards and lamps on the bridge.
All c&c’s welcome.


gpepper, rattlesnake, thanx for replying. Well I am still working on the textures and Yeah I also
have to make it look more metal. I will do it.:slight_smile:


wow, slow down ;p

your scene is coming along nicely…

suggestion, how about a alien babe instead in the lcd? but then It might look too Bladerunnerish

how about panning the camera higher up so that the scene has more of a horizon, atm it looks a little dense, so by showing more of the sky, u have a cleaner area to look at, then all the detail of the city below…


Looks like it is coming along nicely, but i think there isn’t to much space left for much more (or are you going to do much more on the foreground?

also i have to agree with rattlesnake, the buildings look a bit plastic (or at least to “nice”)
how about the sky? you could make it another color, red orso (you can see what you want) maybe you could also add some stars, a moon or other nearby planet.


:wavey: Yo! great progress I see…

First of all I don’t want to sound too bossy, lol! so my apologies for the long post. Here are my crits so far :slight_smile:

For the space ship texturing = looks good, but I thing is too shiny, I mean lets be real, that ship traveled long distance and others planets, just think of galactic dust. I think is way too specular (shiny). Another think is the exhaustion (rockets in the back) I think you should add some really heavy dust in this area, make it black, like in real life mufflers or any sort of exhaustion, has residues because of the exhaustions :slight_smile: Another little thing that caught my eyes is this: This people/race (the people with the ship) have enough intelligence to build and drive those ships right? So that mean there can be millions of those things around, right? Here is my point now: Give it some sort of personal identification, like in real life we use plates in our cars, motorcycles, etc… Even space rockets have some sort of name going across the surface, etc.

Regarding the actual scene = First of all, add the sky dome, it will help visualize the “city” and my brain will try to stop thinking that I’m looking at a giant prop set in some studio. Regarding the lights in the scene, can you show me where r your lights in the scene, I mean I see light bouncing everywhere, but some of the stuff in the scene do not have any light effect in some of the surfaces. For example, the LCD doesn’t have any effect on that bridge.

and neither the spot lights in the bridge. Regarding those spotlights, I think white light should work best than yellow light.

Regarding the bridge: First “Is the bridge Floating?” because I don’t see any sort of support for it. Like columns or something (gravitational orbs, gravitational disk, gravitational platforms?)

Overall scene = this is a huge city right? Big cities have this sense of density, Versiden has a point there, I think you should give it a try, moving the camera just a tiny bit upwards, showing more sky would be nice. Also I suggest you can use the 3/4 camera view give it that cinematic look. It will help you spread some of the stuff around and will help you focus on one thing rather than having it all in a square “box” see!?

Well your work is excellent and has improved a lot! Keep that great job man!

Remember this is only my way of thinking; you do not have to follow any of this stuff. But I really suggest checking 2 things, your camera and the lights, if you want to go the 100 miles I here to help!

- peace and cheers!


The overall night style here will work very well I think. You will need a lot of various lightsources to sell the final shot… and what ARSA said about showing more sky is a very good suggestion if I may say so… it feels a little too crammed in there right now (a futuristic city is obviously going to be crammed, but the image doesn’t have to be… if you see what I mean here)… Good job so far :thumbsup:


wow… great modeling… could use some more bilboards =)


Man, I am glad to see so many replies. Versiden, |-|²O, ARSA, JamesMK, vrhead, thanx a lot for replying:) . Ok according to the suggestions things I have to do are,

  1. Chane the camera angle
  2. Add a sky line
  3. Lighting
  4. Make the spaceship look metallic.
    So below are some updates.


Ok I have created this sky using sapphire plugins in After-FX.


Well I have changed the angle and fov of my camera. Now sky line is visible, also I have added two tunnels downwards near to the generator.
All c&c’s welcome.


Ok this is just a lighting test. Well I am trying to show the light of Lcd screen reflecting on bridge and the generator area.
All c&c’s welcome.


Your render is much better, but i think that you should decrease the amount of color bleeding on the bridge and generator, just a litle!!:thumbsup:


pBarrelas, Thanx for replying, yeah it is bleeding too much, I will fix it.
Thanx again:)


Pushing the buildings back gives a much better scale to the city, much more vast. You may want to lower the interlacing on the “LCD” screen since LCDs don’t interlace. I would suppose that’s to make it look more like a screen but I would suggest a grid pattern instead. At hi-res it should show up pretty good.

What is generating the colors on the bridge, the screen or lamp light?