Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Roshan Lohani


Really cute ship - like it!:thumbsup: Will it be small, as some kind of sledge - with the alien standing on it, or is it bigger? If it’s a sledgeship I think the feet are cool - a bit birdlike.


Yeah, very nice ship dude! cartoon style, keep on :beer:


JamesMK: hmmm, I think I need to work more on feets.

Gunilla: It will be a small ship as compared to the generator and It wont be alone, there will
be many ships attacking on the generator.

pBarrelas: hey, is it really looking cartoon style, then I better change my design or maye be
it wont look cartoonish after the texturing is done. Well I am just trying to give it the alien feel.


If you really don’t want a toony style, you should look into steering clear of the smooth subdivisions, or at least tighten up the mesh by introducing extra cuts along the edges.

While textures may provide a more realistic surface, they don’t really change the way we percieve the actual volume of the model. But you’re doing a good job here, so just get back to it and make adjustments to get it closer to the style you’re looking for :thumbsup:


Agree with this, otherwise it look very cool!! Nice modeling! Keep going! :arteest:


The alien ship looks a little cartoony, with all the smoothing going on. If that’s what your going for, looks good. The environment might need a little more cartooning if that’s the case.


Hi Roshan…it’s a very nice addition,I like the lines,the shape and feel…I think some mesh deformation would go very well with this.Some tweaks and dents,bends in the structure of the vessel.Show that it’s been through some rough space battles…Also some added details,a couple extras (I’ll leave those to you) would be good to see…Your work is turning out quite nicely,quite a bit too.I see lots of promise,and already some work reaching that promise here.Keep at it,your hard work is certantly paying off…:arteest: :beer:


To be honest Roshan, if you don’t want the ships to look cartoonish you should look to the poly version of the image you’ve submmited and start from there…it’s just my opinion:thumbsup: !


Agree on the cartoony look and suggestions to overcome it, but the ship design is great! Maybe a dad opening the middle spikes would give some more aggresive impression to it. Also great progress in the city!:thumbsup: (been a while since my last post)


Ok, I have modeled a new Alien ship. I guess now it doesn’t looks cartoonish.
All c&c’s welcome.


JamesMK, SuperXCM, neble, Virtuoso, pBarrelas, terraarc, thanx for the replies. Well I have
made a new version of the space ship, let me know if this ship works, All c&c’s welcome.


lookin cool man…

personally I wouldn’t make the top fin so big, the balance seems off … looks like it might top over if it landed. just my 2cents


That certainly looks tighter. With good textures I think this could be passable - assuming that I understand what you’re going for of course :wink:

The big tail wing thingy doesn’t really work though. It’s proportionally off (in my eyes at least) and thus reintroduce another toony quality. But you could fix that easily by just making it thinner, sharper… sort of. Also try adding some sharp seams on those big cannon barrels… a little greebling… and it should be good to go :thumbsup:


Yes i think it is better but i agree with the other opinions if your not going to a photorealistic type rendering. You’re getting there dude:thumbsup: !!


Versiden, JamesMK, pBarrelas thanx for the replies. Well I will fix that fin and make it more thinner and sharper.


Interesting architecture style on the bulding at left, just you will need to find some other style for your bulding on the background… great image and modelling until now.



I have done the texturing of space ship.
I have given it a dirty, rusted metal look. Also I have totally removed the fin from my ship model.
All c&c’s welcome.


Well this is the texture. I have used photoshop for texturing. Its not totally
hand painted, I have used some
Photosource and little paint job.
All c&c’s welcome.


jddog, thanx for replying. Well I will be adding Huge Lcd screens for variation.:slight_smile:


very nice textures… am not really good on that part:banghead:. keep up!