Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Roshan Lohani


[color=white]hey man love the idea and concept…i was looking at your last update everything looks great its just the wires seem like there floating and are not affected by gravity especially the cut one…unless you plan on it just recently being cut by a passing ship that too is crashing down and starting to fall with sparking coming out of it…i still love it great work so far keep it up[/color]


funkymunkey90, Thanx for replying, I will be surely fixing the gravity problems.
Thanx again:)


Great Update!! You did a lot! :bounce:
I like the city, you work very fast… but i think that the generator can be more detailled :shrug: ,
Just an idea :wink: .

Keep going!! Update! :thumbsup:


SuperXCM, thanx for replying. I am trying to add more details to the generator, but there are
other things to be compeleted, you see days are Quickly passing away, January is near.:slight_smile:


I have added a digital tower clock and some signboards. Also I have added some clips which holds wire on the generator, I can’t do that for all the other wires, I guess you will - understand after you see the image. Later I will be adding some glow fx on the signboards.
All c&c’s welcome.


I have not added antenas on the buildings, Just wanted some suggestions, should I really add
antenas on the buildings, cause my scene is already filled up, I mean I also need some space for adding the Alien spaceships.


hhahah started adding commercial
put giant commercial paper " VOTE FOR MADSHOOTER" :)))))
hahaha kidding just had an idea… well things are going good here … continue like that i`ll stop by here later
see ya :applause:


To add antennas or not to add antennas, that is the question. Wouldn’t mind - throw in some satelite dish thingies too while you’re at it. The neon signs add a lot me thinks… think Tokyo here…


markovicd., JamesMK, thanx for the replies. Well I will try adding some small dish antenas later.
Rightnow I have started working on the alien spaceship.
Hey now I feel that it looks like tokyo.:slight_smile:


I guess now the gravity problem is solved.:slight_smile:


Nice looking city.I’m also doing a big city scene.

It looks like alot of work?


Well, about the antennea, if you look at any city scape anywhere (even here at modest Baton Rouge, LA) skyscrapers are loaded with antennea, communication arrays, transmission towers, satellite dishes, etc. Remember this is supposed to be print resolution so at that size your image won’t be that cluttered. Make sure you keep that in mind when you are designing.


I like the city a lot. As for the signs, my suggestion is to go crowded. So, you’ll dig into the imagination of everybody recalling the Blade Runner environment. For what I understood, it will be a crowded scene, so (always MO, of course), if you’re able to make it messy without losing focus, it will be a blast.



SONIC-X, WyattHarris and Doublecrash thanx for the replies. Ok I got the idea , So I am
going to add some antenneas and more signboards to give my scene a crowded feel.
Thanx again for rocking suggestions:)


hey madshooter, no signboards, think HUGE LCD screens. :scream: Keep it up.


What about some traffic like in 5th element or something like so to make the city full of inhabitans.
Best wishes :thumbsup:


Good to see you progress,coming along better everytime.I like the idea of glow FX eventually.Plus nice large LCD’s as Dom suggested would be great to see…Nice work Madshooter,looking good.:arteest:


dom: Hey thanx for replying, Yeah idea of huge LCD screens is really cool, But what should I
put on those screens, need some suggestions.

kajaba: I will be adding alien ships, so there will be traffic like feel in my scene.

Virtuoso: glad to know, you like my updates. I will surely be adding huge lcd screens.


I have compeleted modeling the Alien ship. All c&c’s welcome.


He he, that’s a pretty cool design!

The only thing that strikes me as a bit off would be the feet. They just don’t seem very functional. Just a little harder edges and a slightly more mechanical shape would do the trick me thinks. The rest of it looks really nice, with its own peculiar style :thumbsup: