Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Roshan Lohani


I’m a little late to this question but that one cable does look a little strange being wider at one end. Mainly because non of the others are. Typically cable doesn’t bulge like that but then again most cables aren’t 50’ around or however big they are supposed to be. :slight_smile:

In case you haven’t thought of this. One thing that would help establishing a size reference would be to put lots of other items on the cables themselves. Monitoring equipment, or in the case of these monitoring stations. Most companies with items that take up large amounts of real estate have them perform other actions as well. It’s not uncommon to see a process unit with weather tracking equipment or security cameras stapped on the side.

Might be a little early to think about that now.


look great, go on ! continue !


Ok cable size…Covered.

Ok Building variations topic covered…

As for what you do have,it’s looking real nice Roshan.It’s got a bit of a "minority report edge to it,but still more “spaced out”…A good thing.Keep it coming,looking good.


I agree with the rest of the party animals here …your perspective is refined and buildings are looking great…(i would like a little thinner those wires…just for not loosing scale on the building part…just a thought)…now refine it…and slow down…u still are running…BUBBLE! :thumbsup:


DimitrisLiatsos, Virtuoso, gpepper, WyattHarris thanx for the replies. Okay
now I have made the wires more thinner.
All c&c’s welcome…


Very nice composition. I hope you put some ships into the scene. :slight_smile: Great work so far.


AirbORn, thanx for replying. Well right now I am making a new spaceship ship concept. I am
trying to make a compact and a very sleek spaceship model.
Thanx again:)


hey man nice ! like it a lot…
just one thing i think that some building are hard-edged :frowning:
their edges are to sharp… try fixing that
BRAVO :thumbsup:


wow so much detail already!!!love it


Hello there!

Add antenas to the buildings! Also I think the edges in the buildings are too thin/sharp, also (my personal opinion: A city so futuristic looking will not have cables hanging just like that, I think you have to add some sort of system where the cables look nicer, like bring the cable from the top to the botom along side the mesh/generator and then connect it to the building/generator)Is looking Very good, I like it :bounce:


Arsa has point there :smiley:
maybe remove cables… and put INFRARED connections ! :))
i think it would be great to see rays passing…


great architecture! good work!:thumbsup:


The story rocks. That’s it, for me. Sketches are good, and I understand where you’re going… :thumbsup:


Doublecrash,luciano berutti,markovicd.,-Andy- thanx for the replies.
Arsa, you have suggested a very good point, adding antenas will really look cool. Ok The purpose of making cables hang like that is, so that I can show electric fx running through them
as they are destroyed and then the current catches the building to which the generator is
attached, I guess you understand what I am trying to show in my scene. And surely I will be adding the antenas.
Thanx again for the replies:)


Ok about antenas, I was thinking of adding dish antenas.
Any suggestions, all c&c’s welcome.


I understand your point of view, but what I was trying to say is. "the city is like a really clean city, you can still do the same thin “idea”, but this time arrange the cables, and show how one of the cables have been “shooted” by an enemy, and it will look pretty much the same.

I will hardly suggest to re-arrange the cables in a more “elegant fashion”

Thank you!


ARSA, hey I got your idea, you mean to say that I must show some clips attaching the cables
to the generator so that it looks neat and organised, cool I will do that.


Yeah! pretty much thats the case :bounce:

Hey some more thoughts I got while I was staring at the image…
1: you can add banners, holograms, plasma “something” (like signs, promotion) like a commercial zone. Like in real life, when we go through a commercial place, you see all sort of “elegant” looking banners in the building, promotions and stuff.

2: You can add a clock tower to the scene, that marks the exact time the attack was performed.

(remember this is all my personal opinion)



ARSA, Man you are give me so many cool suggestions, thanx a lot. I like your ideas of add banners and tower clock. I will certainly add all those elements in my scene.
Thanx again:)


you are welcome :thumbsup: