Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Roshan Lohani


Looking good man! Wow you really going for the 3D really fast :slight_smile:

I like the way you are picturing the conflict. I’m looking forward to see how are you going to develope the figh :smiley:

  • cheers!


Very nice modeling, i like the city! :thumbsup:

and yes, for me, i think that the generator must have more details.:shrug:


what about adding some more cables, plugs, gears…


JamesMK, ARSA, SuperXCM, thanx for the replies.:slight_smile:
I like your suggestions adding more cables will be really cool, the generator will look more
detailed and complex.


hey madshooter, nice progress man… i loveed ur previous models and the power generators looks really awesome… keep is up… i’ll b waiting for updates :thumbsup:


:)I love the look of those generators, especially the wires, I’m not exactly sure what it about them, but I do really like em! :slight_smile:


3doid and Gluteus Maximus, thanx for the replies. I am glad to know that you like the
Concept and my 3dwork.:slight_smile:


hey Madshooter…Slow down young man,your making the rest of us have to speed up…Looking good,nice start and nice overall compo thus far.Details,and more details,now stop reading this,and give even more details…:wip:


You know what, I think you could add some antenas, antenas with light bulbs, you know, so flying sousers do not crash with it :smiley:


Ok I have added some more wires to the
generator. Later I will be adding some
electricfx on the wires, which has got cut due to alienship attacks.


I have attached the generator to the building. Let me know how it looks.



I like the copper wires sticking out, I think make the wires hang a bit more, to give the feeling of gravity/weight… what do u think?

besides that, the details are coming along nicely…


your sketches really gives me hope
iv´e just seen DimitrisLiatsos
sketches and thought i here lost under professsionals
syour idea of visualising electricity can be very intressting
excpaccially that everything depends on that one reactor
i´m asking hown does it change a civilisation if electricity is the eternal force?
how would they look like ?


Hello there. Going really fast there! I like your idea and progress so far. I agree that you should add a lot more detail to the reactor to make it look massive and enormous!! That would add a lot to the buildings’ proportions too I believe. Keep it up!


Great effort, Roshan!:thumbsup: Maybe one suggestion: I would prefer much more watchable, thinner cables involved than one thick cable going outside the generator. The impression of hugeness is a bit to less for my taste, 'cause such thick cables wouldn’t hang like a small one in our kitchen:rolleyes: I’ve got the feeling to look inside a technical device with a microscope.

…but lets go to the compliments ;-))) The perspective is absolut great- very nice focus!
…maybe some depth of field in the final?..and your progress is amazing. I’m a little bit envious about your speed, man!!

Keep it up, dude! This is coming along very cool!!!


I have improved the city by adding variations, now there are big and small buildings.


It’s pretty cool Roshan, but in my opinion, you should make the background buildings defer between them. They look like they were projected by the same architect…:slight_smile:


hello roshan,

good to see ur work and its GOOD !! :scream:

maybe, i agree with the others… the buildings in the BG can be a bit variant… and

ur work is progressing good !! looks cool…



hello roshan,

good to see ur work and its GOOD !! :scream:

maybe, i agree with the others… the buildings in the BG can be a bit variant… and

ur work is progressing good !! looks cool…



Thanx to all for the replies. Ok I will try make more variations on buildings.:slight_smile:
Also one more thing once I apply fog to my scene most of the distant buildings won’t be seen.