Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Roshan Lohani


I have modeled some buildings to populate
the scene.


This is not a contest of speed modeling ! :slight_smile:
Nice, I will go back there later !


Hi gpepper, I know I am going too fast, But the deadline is also little short.:slight_smile:


yust 90 days left! lol :stuck_out_tongue:
anyway keep it up, the models look cool so far :slight_smile:


no no no … too fast… let the rest of us catch up ;p

too cool man.

one crit… the buildings in the background are almost all the same height. Maybe make one the tallest building to make it stand out and add to variety.

I agree on the deadline tho… 3 months isn’t enough ;(


it can easily be done in three months, yust forget school and work. they’re useless anyway :wink:


very nice start


Lookin good. Nice amount of detail so far.


ok… where is the fire :)))
nice nice and nice


Like they said, a very nice start. The building in the left foreground looks close to finished, making the others look bad in comparison :smiley: Take it easy on the speed modeling though :thumbsup:


Yeah slow man…and just one thing that strikes me is that angled S pavement…couldn’t that be just a curve ? :bounce: :thumbsup:


Yeah!! Very nice start dude!!


Versiden: Thanx for the reply, You are right the buildings are of almost same height and also
because of this the city is looking flat, I will fix it.

PreatORiAn, arlutik, WyattHarris, markovicd, JamesMK, pBarrelas and DimitrisLiatsos thanx for
the replies.
Now I think I must slow down.:slight_smile:


The result you are aiming for promises a bunch of details.
Keep on the good work.


Hi Therion, thanx for the reply. I am doing my best to add more details in my scene.:slight_smile:


detail + light here will make brutal combination :smiley:
keep them coming


Hi Roshan, wowow you’re ´really fast - Respect,man!:applause:

Hey, I like your concept. I really can imagine the scene, yuu have described it very good and
your sketches underlined your statements. I’m looking forward to see the generator (u know I love this style:D )…I wish u a ll the best…:beer: cya


I have modeled the generator with wires.
Now again back to the city, I am trying to add more details and variation in the


I just wanted to know, whether the thick wire on top is looking bad, because it is little more
thick on one side, I mean the starting point of the wire, from generator to the building.
Should I add connectors so that I also get a chance to add more detail.


Didn’t strike me as odd at all… What you need to look out for here is scale, I think. Those big tubes/wires sort of makes the whole object look smaller somehow, so the way you texture that generator will be crucial to maintain the feeling that it is indeed a very large structure.