Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Roshan Lohani


Roshan Lohani has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.


Far away in a galaxy there is a city named “Kohan”. People in this city have seen lot of good days,It is a progressive city. Recently Scientists have created a new invention, an -“Electricity Power generator”. This generator has been created so that good amount of electric supply can be provided to the people. Lifestyle is too much artificial, almost everything is dependent on electricity so electric supply is of great importance for the
people living in Kohan.
But no one knows how the hell aliens know about this generator and here they are, A huge number of alien- fighter space ships have attacked the city. Their main target is the generator and they have already started destroying it.

Well this is the concept. What I am going to generate is the City, Electricity generator and the alien fighter ships and also some special fx to show the destruction.

Forgive me for my bad sketching, my sketching sucks but it will give you the basic idea about how the scene will look.


Sketch of the generator.


Alien ship sketch.


Good concepts and story too!! But how the hell did the aliens found out about the power generator?!


Another concept for alien ship.


Lets pretend, these Aliens are quiet advanced.:slight_smile:


Welcome and good luck! :bounce:

Interesting concept, show more pictures but this time, try to paint the whole scene that you want to create, this way I can visualice more your idea



Hi Arsa, thanks for thr reply. Some how I fear If I start painting I wont be able to compelete
this challenge, I am too rookie for painting. But anyways you will get an idea when I actually
start generating the scene in 3d.:slight_smile:
Once again thanx for replying.


Sorry for the misunderstood, when I typed “paint” I wasnt talking about painting as in colors, it is more like “create-draw-ilustrate” the scene, with some more details :smiley:

For example I want to know more about the way the city actually will look in the final piece, like where will be the fire, the aliens, the ships, etc :smiley:



great concept!

good luck!


Well some quick work in photoshop, I think this will give an idea about the
final scene.


Hi there, looks like a nice concept and I like your ships. Is your focus the generator or the ships? My only real comment is that I feel the composition is a little stiff/flat. Maybe if you variate the skyline of your BG buildings so some are in front and some a pushed behind they would create some more depth. Let your copsition breath. I just thought it might help push the eye to a focal point. Maybe use them compositionally as framework to guide the viewers eye to your focus. Hope this is helpful in some way. I really dig the idea. Best of luck.


Well my main focus is the generator. I feel I must now start modeling the city.


Hi Roshan…Nice to see you going for another of these challenges.:arteest:

       Your ideas/concept is quite dynamic.It has tha makings of a grand battle/conflict.........

         [b]eahartz[/b].......brings up some very good points......I too think that once you are into 3D modeling of this set piece you should give a nice variety to the skyline,by arranging your buildings in a more nonsymetrical way.BG bldg's behind even more BG bldgs....Otherwise it could appear to be too much of a wall..................this will give more depth.........
     It looks like you got quite the plan,and I wish you the best,now better get to it,we only got 13 more weeks or so.............All the best to you..........:beer:


…i agree …Virtuoso is right …this way also u will have more freedom in your camera place when it comes to final composition…oh…and about the Aliens …they came 'cuase i told them… :scream:


DimitrisLiatsos, Virtuoso thanx for the replies. Now I am fully inspired and I have already started
modeling the city.:slight_smile:
Best of luck to both of you too.


Great! now I can sugest something :smiley:

Add a sky to the composition, where you can place the mothership :smiley:


Very intense so far so good… Good to see local challenger participating ‘all the best’ fellow indian…


Ok I have started modeling the city.
The generator will be connected to this portion.