Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Rini Deventer


Rini Deventer has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Final Image!

And here the final.


Within the contrast of the brightest light and the darkest most terrifying blackness…
right there where good meets evil…
are the dinosaurs back from there original home planet to fight God. In a battle to revenge the death for there brothers and sisters who died millions of years back at one devastating impact by one “meteor”… the hand of God.
Will He bend or break under their massive firepower?
We will see in the upcoming work in progress, [if I manage to finish it this time!] so stay tuned and good luck guy’s to all who enters this contest!!


Some modeling done so far:

Here are the Wip.


Last one for today.
Will post some sketch later.:bounce:

Any ideas on this piece…


Nice start! Looks good :wink: Only this glowing things look not so good, you should work on them to make them looking better :smiley: Maybe put some more in the scene and make them smaller.


Its all about fun…

good luck
and some progress:

Greetz Renz


wow, the challenge has just started and the first wires are in the line…i specially like the “flares, Lights” on the bottom of the ship…:slight_smile:


more flares…

and stuff

later Renz


one more wip before going to bed

i like the glow think it is pretty:)…
finally it will come with some clouds and water
mucho luck, Greetz renzo01:)


They are really similar, but you work faster than me! ehehe :applause:
And the difference between them, make both works truly original!

The modelling is amazing! Great Work!


very standart concept sketch!
I know my drawings are kick @ss, thats al.
good luck, later greetz Me.:slight_smile:
will upload coloured version later.
Oops edit.


New version for some check up.
Comments are welcome.
Greetz renzo01!!!


Am still working on the Dino as we speak.
The texturing is badass as usuall.
Updates a bit later. Good luck all. Greetz cya.


hey renzo! nice idea. im just thinking itll be easier to convey a strong presence with the dinosaurs if they have evolved some. not necessarily into bipeds (imagination!). good concepts, but dinosaurs in armour i feel isnt as strong as you’d like to aim.

keep em coming!


Thanx for the feedback, Peddy mabey you got a point about the Dino.
I think about it to see and if it can be better otherwise.
About the Mothership…it will be textured by a custom texture I think!
Finished creating armorr for the Dino:) !!!



tell me what you like about it and what not, Greetz Me cu renzo01 !!!


the next angle…for fun.

Greetz Me!


in progress the making.

thnx for the comments
Greetz renzo01



as for finishing, …the angel needs some colour…
the hair needs some twaeking
greetz and good luck cu renzo01


NEw update::

Most caracterss are done now.
Cu renzo01 :wavey: