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Latest Update: Final Image: The Sacrificial Exodus: The needs of the many…

The first great exodus was the children of light from darkness of egypt. The second great exodus by the “Followers of the One”, exiled from Earth for their illegal use of genetic manipulation and embrace of cybernetics. Now, over 400 years later the third great exodus, is the 150 survivors that will be left the sacred duty of finding a new home, repopulating the homo-sapien species and finding peace…

Alone Kira stands, Master of her own fate… seconds from accomplishing her duty. All she has ever known had been lost except her daughter, stowed away onboard the only ship to escape. The stolen enemy craft races away during the fight with only a few scared survivors of the greatest horror the human race has ever faced. The return of the “Exiled”. All she can hope is for a glimpse of its retreat before she joins fate in oblivion…


Being a member of these forums for many months; I have unfortunately spent much of the time recovering in the aftermath of the 4 hurricanes which slammed South Florida scrambling to make ends meet instead of working on art or participating in the happenings, here.

I would like to start by introducing myself to you but first I would like to acknowledge my respect for this community. It has been so inspiring to view and appreciate the amazing, no stunning, submissions of this community. I applaud all of those in this world who can see beyond the physical realm in which we live and dare to bring the dreams of the few back for display in this virtual cosmos of electronica for everyone else. The sense of family and assistance that the members here provide each other reassures me that the creative minds whom push the limits of imagination are 1st class people as well.

I am known as Alaric LaBrie (pronounced A’ Lair’ ick – La’ Bree) I am a published musician, under the name of Aethyr Prime, formerly Project: MATRIX (before the movie came out, changed to AP afterward), heard throughout Florida on the Clear Channel & Cox Stations.

I believe that art is the lifeline by which humanity defines itself. The members of this virtual utopia of invisionary minds (I know properly its spelled envisionary, but I own so :P) are paving the way for the next generation of fine artists.

 Many in the traditional art world attempt to discredit the accomplishments of CG art, and I say to you, what I see here should make those wake up and realize that a new generation of gifted talents are arising from the smoldering ashes of tired mediums and I applaud everyone who has made it happen here on CGnetworks. 

 It is never easy to put your work on display. After all, the biggest question I have heard from my fellow artists is how to know when apiece of art is done. It takes courage to open yourself up, to take your impenetrable shields down, to reveal the true vulnerability that lies in wait deep inside the minds and hearts of all artists.

“Let it be told, there are no losers in this competition, only winners.”

Ok on to my submission for the competition

I am working on the title for the piece as the ideas race through my mind. I plan to reach deeply into my psyche, to capture, not glorify, the essence of interstellar struggles and the emotional devastation a war of this magnitude leaves in its wake.

At this point I am sketching things down, the rough ideas include:

[li]A woman dressed in tattered military clothing collapsed to her knees battle raging in the back ground on a lunar base setting, as you can see her people’s flagship, amongst others, breaking apart in the free space above. The foreground would include oddities that might have existed since a time of peace such as children’s toys or even a doll belonging to the subject, perhaps the bodies of fallen people, aliens or robots.
[/li][li] A space graveyard just out of range of an ensuing conflict, this idea would require lots of debris to be haphazardly floating with two spacecraft locked in mortal combat veering through as they sit ready to add yet one more piece of scrap to the galactic junkyard.

Please let me know which if either of these two ideas you like better and would like to see finished. I will post up the sketches as they become more refined and presentable in a first round draft form.

Good luck to all and lets make this challenge the best ever!


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First welcome to the boards,

I am sorry about the situation in florida and I hope everything will get better soon.

I like both of your ideas and I think both of them have potential.
Only try not to focus too much on one character or or singular event in a bigger picture.
I read somewhere that focus should be on the epic and grand scale of things and not the individual or the little story.
However if you can use the dolls or toys as symbols to enhance the story or use it as a contrast to the grandeur of the scene then maybe you have a winner.
I like the depth of your ideas and hope you can keep the elements you described without floating away from the soul of the challenge.

Keep working.


A possible way round the problem of the human scale v the space opera grand scale is to use an overlay and drop the transparency. hard to get the comp right but when it’s done well it looks great.


I am scanning my first round drafts; I will post them up here tonight. Thanks for the tips. The composite will be large in scale. I am using a focal length manipulation to bring the heroine close to the camera, and then have an extremely large and complex fight scene as the back drop to the warrior.

  The place I found inside to power this picture is the title I chose:
  "Sacrificial Exodus: The needs of the many"
  The setting:

Contrary to all “facts”, reported by the Vespian Colony News-Channel 642, Earth’s defense grid has fallen. In Reality, seven generations of warring between the residents of Angostura III and Earth was about to come to a culmanation.

It was about noontime on the planet and many were eating lunch Other inhabitants were tending to their daily responsibilities, the children were playing in the schoolyard The warning that came was too late. Chaos ensued.

The invaders launched a full-scale assault on the system of Sol where Earth is located. The best efforts of the 405th Silva Wing Defense Squadron were to no avail.

  Injured and alone, Kira Stamper, a Sgt., in the 12th Armed Battalion, holds off the charging front lines of the enemy. 

The last survivors of the human race have been stowed on board an captured military freighter. Minimally armed guards surround a group of children.They and a few others carry on their shoulders the weight of the last hopes and dreams of an entire civilization.

Their escape is all Kira can think of. Surrounding her everywhere is the product of a glorious last stand by her fellow soldiers. Her ammo is almost out, and her last clip has been put in. "I just need to see them leave…my daughter” her mind is blurred,. Vital fluids seep from her body. She takes careful aim missing only 1 out of 3, shots. A blast has taken out her legs leaving her no where to run, or hide, Her remaing gun has no energy to power the clip. She slumps down to her knees and finally hears the rumble of the escape craft. The defense turrets fire wildly in an attempt to provide cover for the small craft trying to look as though the blasts were meant to hit it. The guise seems to work. Without a challenge the craft slips off to the dark side and into the stars to find a new home. The City of Luna has fallen.

The assailants draw nigh, Kira knows they will kill her slowly in the ceremonial mannor unless her remaining pistols discharge lands right between her eyes…

Here is a song I wrote to compliment this art piece. It is traditionally how I have approached things in recent history. It helps me get further into the piece. Since I will probrably listen to it on repeat during the completion of this art I made it pretty long. Its only 1.5mb but it is pro-encoded at vbr-100-250kbs. I hope you enjoy it since the animated post challenge piece I undertake will have this in the background.

Inspiration for this song- The current state of the world, Bush politics, F9/11, Blackhawk down and all the sci-fi you can shake a stick at!

Breakdown- the song is broken up into 3 main themes, pre-war, war, post war. Each theme as two sub-variations, sequentially as: basic training, being sent to duty, first day of mayhem, survival shock, innosence lost, eternal hauntings.

Connection to art entry- In every war brave often nieve souls are “prepared” for the day when their training will be put to the test. Then that day comes, they are scared but the commanders know this and pump them up, get them excited and fuel them full of rage, needed to kill. The landing or arrival marks the start of all things you never want to see. If your lucky enough to survive the first day, you wonder how you can possibly surive the next. You focus down and realize you are changed forever you know that face, that image, that haunt of your past yet to be.

 [Download Sacrificial Exodus: The needs of the many.mp3](




Human Study from concept sketch 1a.


First round sketches comeplete. Time to take a breather. Let me know what you think of my rough preliminaries. (note that these are very rough sketches.)


I am about to start working on the sketches of the ships, I estimate between 20 and 40 total capital ships to be orbiting in space overhead at varying degrees of visibility and distance. Also I plan on animating the space fight between 50+ smaller craft to give the full effect in a still as if it were one moment captured in time, not just a bunch of ships posing for a photo.

I have always been inspired by the ship styles found in Frank Herberts visions by description. Also the old Battlestar Galactica, was cool. I have been contemplating the type of creatures to be over-running mankind… I was thinking 3 sets of upper-torso limbs + canine’ish rear legs, integrated breathing apparatus, and 6 fingers per hand, 2 thumbs and 4 fingers. There will need to be body parts and limbs hanging from the rubble, some human some non. The turrets I think should be dual cannon, hmmm, or quad. And I have been deliberating between going with extremely cybernetic replacement parts to the heroine.

Let me know what you think!


the heroine could have cybernetic parts since maybe the scene is set when there are high enough technological knowledge to implany cybernetics. the idea of the composition is nice but try not to focus on the character for the whole piece. good luck! keep going :applause:


Beautiful sketches, I really like your style!


Thanks for the kind words, I am grateful that you responded. :slight_smile: I hope that I may learn from your critiques and compliments how to be the best I am capable of!

Wow. As I sat on my patio enjoying the first hints of winter in this tropical location, a revelation slapped me right across the back of my head and sent a shiver down my spine. Perhaps what I have detailed here so far is only a picture in a larger image. I know this may sound crazy, so before I do anything on it I am going to present it here…

What if the actual final compositions location was 1,000 years later… Set in a Interstellar galactic museum of history. During a memorial tributary to the war of 2659 between two now peaceful civilizations. Standing at the base of a 2/3 ratio holigraphic image of the first picture, with futurist styled architecture, a few people standing around, maybe reckage or “preserved artifacts”, and children from both species depicted in mortal combat standing together looking at the display.

What do you think of that idea? Is it to far? Did I loose the point? Or is it the point?


Don’t like this one… I deleted it.

This is an idea I roughed out in pencil and composited in Photoshop with the previous comp as a holographic display.


The inspiration for this came from the idea that years after wars end, the children and their childrens children eventually get over the crimes of the past. It may take centuries, but time heals all wounds. I thought that by making the setting in a pristine museum after the reconstruction of civilization the memorial of the past would serve as a monument to mankinds resiliance and dreams.


Really an interesting concept, and great sketches


wow… simply the coolest story… i think you should write a book… :slight_smile: or make a movie…
and great idea with museum and children…
best of luck to you… extremly interesting how you will figure it out…


Thanks, I have written one, but it has nothing to do with this :stuck_out_tongue:

I am hoping to hit an epic feel by using softning filters and detailed blurring. I was wondering wether you think the museum with holographic display is the choice to go with?



I like your sketches and the overall theme you’ve got going. I’d only suggest that you don’t loose the cool details by making them to small…i.e. the girl in the center. Anyway, keep those sketches coming and if you want my oppinion, I’d go with the original version w/out the galary. Setting the image in past tense actaully takes away from the impact unless there is an anomely that is occuring in the present as well…for instance, if they were looking at the exhibit and suddently were attacked by the people they thought they had defeated…hope that makes sense…either way, just my opinion…good luck


honestly i dont know… i still cant clearly form even my own idea :cry: all i can say is that if you’ll decide to develop museum theme, in my opinion you have to remove from the foreground all this folk and keep only one child in front of holographic display… this will give violent dramatic sence and wont distract attention from the main action… and i think signboard is a great idea too and works just fine directly introducing viewer in the core of idea…
yeah… i think its great and very original idea with museum/hologram/child being involved…