Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Remi Kaldhussæter


Remi Kaldhussæter has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.


Welcome to the challenge :slight_smile:
Hows norway this time of year?


Thank you!

It’s raining!!!
aaaaaaarh that rain!.. wet.

And it gets colder by the minute.

(posting an consept soon)


A story with some of my consepts…


My english isn’t great, but I hope it’s readable.

And I’m going to post the story and all that as soon as i translate it to english…
Hope you like it.
It’s my first try in a contest like this


i like it :slight_smile: it reminds me of Dune… but with water very much an opposit direction. very cool scenario :slight_smile: :applause:


oh… I didn’t think of Dune at all…
But when you mention it, it is like with the spies and its value :slight_smile:

But this is for survival, and not just money.

In my universe, theres also a federation. A huge power that rule over every race in the universe.
But there are rules, and one of them says that no one race can claim more than one planet. So they don’t interfare with this battle for this waterplanet, unless one of them says it’s their homeplanet. Witch it can’t because theres just water on it.

Maybe I’ll put a federational fleet that stands by just in case in the image aswell.
How about that?


Its a fast modelling of what the mothership will look like.
I’m not sure if I’ll go with a supersquare ship like this, or a more organic.
And there’s no detail yet.


this is sweet man… i like those concepts and designs… can c that ur already making ur models for the scene… very cool starting… keep it up and best of luck… :thumbsup:
but i think i heard a story similer 2 this… just warning ya so no ppl bumps into a similer story line :slight_smile:


Nice ideas you got there! Keep it up and good luck!


oh… I didn’t know…
But hey, it’s a war. One fleet invading another… It’s nothing new.
And that water-thing has been used many times before.

It is difficult creating something new, and cool at the same time.
There’s so much sci-fi out there, it’s almost imposible to make something completly new.

I’m sorry if I make something that some other is doing.


I like the idea too but I saw two water ideas already…
Not sure if it will be a problem.


thanks Borro!
And god luck to you too! on both challenges!


OK… I haven’t updated for a while…
I really haven’t done anything but thinking today.
And I figured out that my consept isn’t good enough.
I ended up not liking it myself.

So, I’ll try make something new. Still going to stick to the waterplanet and the gyes pumping up water, as I think that was kind of cool :slight_smile:

Trying to come up with a different perspective and another story. A more unique one.
Sketching and thinking, sketching and thinking…


Nice story but needs very original composition. Maybe some emotions on the scene of one race that is on the edge of extinction and got no choice and another - kinda patriotic and defending themselves but not able to see someone’s trouble and just acting from their greed to the precious water buisness.

Anyway, keep it going. Good luck!


Hello Scorpier,

If you allow me to say this, I would not think that the initial concept is too much used by others or that it’s already seen somewhere else. I think actually it’s a good idea. I think that you could keep it, and start, as soon as possible, to sketch a few concepts about the location, about the global view of the subject, trying to at least rough out and idea on what the final composition will be. And on what the landscape will be. In my opinion all depends by the composition (and obviously also by the precise work on details), I mean how machineries, people, animals will interact with the enviroment that you will have to shoot down in a “photo”; and this could be valid for your initial idea as for many others.
Try to start from the big with sketches and go down step by step, taking your time, into details. Thank you.

Have a nice work.


Ya nice story and all that but this challenge is really just
about doing alotta 3d modelling and putting it all on the
all you can eat line with yer gourmet recipes and such and
de special sauces so get to work! Geeees, who sais that?
and dont forget to visit my entry! Veeeery important!
Deen I weeeel tell you how tasty it is! None of these tiny
samples…I don’t need no stinking samples.
Nice work, lets see more!

My 3d entry


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