Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Ramon Hamel


Ramon Hamel has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.


hey Arsyn welcome to the chalange i hope you will come up with some great ideas and design…wish you all the best buddy.


Thanks Alot! Same goes to you and all of the other contestants here.
Looks like I’m up to my head with you alone!

Just switched over to Maya from Rhino a month and a half ago. i hope I can adapt fast enough…
screw it, I think Ill use both!!

A quick verbal sketch of an idea I’ve been toying with for the last 2 days…
The picture will take place in a city resembling NY if i choose not to go with NY.

year is 3124
most buildings will be destroyed.
A statue with the same meaning as the statue of liberty is half destroyed, half leaning into the water. Smoke and fire everywhere…of course.
But wait, there is no water…no water at all!

The aliens who have come to earth came with the need for water.
They, like the human race have been incredibly wasteful. They have conquered many worlds for this one reason…water! They use water to fuel there ships,weapons, and for eternal life.
They didn’t expect that earthlings would put up such a valiant fight.
In order to defeat the humans, they were forced to use atomic weapons greater than that of which mankind has ever seen.

But why didnt mankind use atomic weapons to fight these invaders?

The Revalonia treaty of 2124 insured that all atomic weapons and facilities that created them would be destroyed. This was a move to create peace on the planet which had been ravaged by war since 2056.

But wait! why couldnt they nullify this treaty to engage the advancing enemy?

They could have…If they knew the HiroKahn were on there way.
The benefits of water, which mankind has never know were fully utilized by the HK.
Water from a previously conquered planet helped them move past Earth’s early warning system located on the farside of the moon. This water bent light so well, that they became invisible…
No silhouettes casted upon earth from the sun…
No smells usually associated with such beasts…
nothing…no warning at all until it was too late
Earth had no time to ready its defenses.

Mankind’s space travels were still in its infancy. They knew of no other being of such intelligience. Thus no inter galactic alliances could be forged.

Though man has put up a great effort, the war is won in 20 nights and 21 days.
Adults are killed and children taken as slaves.
The earth is dry…void of life.
No insects, no rodents, and no humans.

The seed to the HK’s destruction and the birth of a greater nation has been planted.

back to the scene…
HK ships departing earth…Maybe hundreds across the whole scene…
in the foreground-closeup of tired, angry, and sad boy with dirt all over his face. He and other shackled kids are being led up into a ship. all the other kids in the scene will be crying.the one closest to the foreground will not…he doesnt know it yet, but he will be the future of mankind.
You will be able to see a reflection of his captors through his eyes.
There will be some type of little sentry ship about the size of an eagle hovering around the kids.

I’m still working out the details. Still not 100% on this idea though. I think to catch all that I’m talking about, the scene would have to be huge which would mean I might not be able to render something like this.

What do you guys think?
If this is an idea that you guys like and that I can actually take on, Ill definetely have to change the alien race name!! HiroKahn??? huh… who the heck would think of a name like that. lol.

If u like, Ill get to working on a sketch. and comments and suggestions would be great!


o damn, u got some aweosme story line there buddy… tell u wat… i feel so good abt the story i suggest u to write a book on that… it wud b a definit best seller…;)… i suppose there will b a lot of details in ur scene and from ur verbal composition i think ur on a gr8 start… put on some concept drawings and i’ll b there to first comment on those… best of luck again… :thumbsup:


:slight_smile: I appreciate that alot!
Definetely a motivator. I needed that, thanks!


hey no problem buddy… just dropped by to say that watchout for this guy (Here) he got a similer story line…




Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking about my story last night, and i dont think it will fit the grand space opera thing that well anymore… Now i have an excuse to think of something different…geesh. Oh well.
thanks again.


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