Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Rafa Parrilla


test for a stroke of Maya´s paint fx for simulate littles figthing ships and rockets.


addings the strokes into the scene, and I add littles xplosions too…

Maybe a lot of them…


Hi! Very nice progress, I think that the previous coposition was better, but this angle of showing the crush is better. So I would mix those two sompositions. And I advice to add more small ships in he background, to emphasize the feeling of grand scale evacuaiton and rapid escape.


Pretty nice update! :thumbsup:

The crush looks promising and surely grande! Waiting for all those related FX of a collicion and explosion!! :bounce:


hi Rafa, nice effort on the comp… it’s becoming intense. arturro have some points too… agree with that. anyway… keep 'em blowing…:thumbsup:


I think I like the planet in the earlier image better because it’s rather hard to see the planet in the last. It ends up fadeing into the blackness a bit too much. What would happen if you pulled the sun around towards the camera a bit more to light more of the planet, or even lighten the planet texture a bit?


• Shame on me! this is the first time I pay u a visit :blush: You are doing great! waiting 4 that FI :thumbsup:


Pretty cool Collision-Big Space Station, I think you could put more debri into the collision. And make the planet fall more apart to make it seem like a real collision, i would have put in less stars into the space. Too many of tham. Also would help with puttong shock waves around the collision. But anyway i really like the Ship designs and The ship blasting off from the planet. It-ed be pretty cool if a station would be built that big one day. I give it 5 of 5. An’ two thumbs up…:thumbsup::thumbsup:


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