Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Rafa Parrilla


the fighter convert in battleship.




Yep, quite better now. The only doubts about landing… I mean. how stable is it on the ground?
Keep going! Nice ship models! :thumbsup:


hey i like those ship designs… really electrifying… keep it up buddy… best of luck again


Model #2 looks great too, and clean (did I actually meant “clean” or “clear” in my previous post… :shrug: ).
I wonder what will be the ships sizes in the final image comparing to their details, started thinking that on my GSO’s ships…

Keep it up mate! :applause:


I can´t wait I´m put the ships into the scene.
It´s only a photoshop quickly.


you have some great ship designs :slight_smile: I like them a lot. Looking forward to more progress. Interested to see what the final composition will be.


dude… thats awesome…!! man ur wroking really fast… i totally love those new image… keep it up man!!!


Wow,:eek: yor work is awsome, I really like the way you manage the color, your modeling is excelent too, I know that you still don´t finish, but try to get better the crashing. The rest it’s really good. Maybe you could give me some advices, I will be very thankfull.

Good luck-

Snake Farlow ther rogue.


I can’t believe how much imagination you guys have, to design machinery like this. Could you give me some clue where you get the inspiration to make those kinds of things? It’s amazing. I am having a lot of trouble designing my spaceship, since I’ve never done it before.

Good luck!


These are just tests so I won’t annoy you with useless comments.
Just one thing to take care in the next updates :

in your picture, every ship and the planet look equal in size. It’s better to avoid that I think.

Keep going !


Thank you for all the comments.
As tells deadly force the composition I don’t like it me too , you are right in the comparison of sizes. And the alignment maybe neither is the ideal.
And the impact is also hide a little.
They even lack 3 - 4 ships more and shading everything.
A lot of work, and I haven´t time.


this look better.


i liked the composition before this one a bit better…

now the ship in the foreground somehow seems to melt with the big ring in the background. You may wan to move it a bit down and to the left again.

I’d probably get rid of the green and go for some color or tone that’s already somewhere in the image, so you get a more solid color compo.

Just some thoughts. It looks really promising!


Very Very Heavy Wings
nice model:scream:


Your image is getting better, I like the colition, your should add an explotion there.
Take a look of my towers, I am trying to use some color veriety there. Tell me your coment.

Snake Farlow. The rogue.


greaaat! update Rafa. i like the last image, it’s more detailed than the other one. keep 'em crashing…:twisted: …:applause:


Great work man :slight_smile: But I prefer the previous image cuz theres more space in it lol. The second is too crouded(so to say)… there aint air in the new one and you kinda choke lol… anyway keep it up :slight_smile:


The image is looking great, but I’m not sure if the first left green ship is working. I’m not able to tell if it’s attached to the crashing piece, or not. It also is fighting for the main focal point of the piece, and I would almost say the piece would be stronger if it played more of a minor role. Just an opinion, other wise keep it coming.



oh boy the driver of the ship must have a good insurance :slight_smile: Nice Image but I also have to
say that I liked the image with more space in it better.


man sorry for all of you, cudnt talk becuse i was finishing my semester and i was so busy.
but now i have more free time.

well the thing is, i think that your image is very cool but i think you can do it a lot better i dont know how is gonna look becuse you still have time and maybe is not finish, but i think is going great, there is a suggestion, why you dont put those glows nebulosas i dont know how to say that in english jeje, and for the planet some blur effect on the impact.and maybe you can use some kind of chinks in the planet whit a little shiny effect on them.

well man thats all i have to say
you going great in your imagen, very cool. but remember to have fun
dont work under pressure, BYE GUYS :bounce: