Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Rafa Parrilla


…Are there going to be some other objects in the scene? I see that collision as a part of background and there are other ships around observing that emergency situation and may be some characters emotions on foreground.

In the initial sketch around the scene the situation is of exodus. A death escape of a exploding planet. A lot of sheeps scaping quickly…

A limit situation…


Looks good but I think the scale is out of whack. The planet looks too small compared to the ship. It looks like about the size of an asteriod and without any other objects in the scene, there’s nothing else to guage as a reference.


hehe that’ss a cool idea man! i like it, as you might know the scale can be a little tricky on this one, but, if you add enough details and everything it maight look even better than now!

good luck!


wow! the lightingn and the atmosphere gives it an impressive look, very good work my friend!
I agree about the scale, maybe some items for reference or adjusting the planet.


I agree too the scale is the enemy. but I believe that the planetary proportion against the ship is not the problem… Others objects maybe… the ships that abandon the planet I don´t know


man very cool that image, me gusta mucho la forma qeu se ve del otro lado del planeta
puedes acentuar mas ese efecto donde se ve como si irradiara luz desde adentro, como unas pequeñas grietas por donde intenta salir la explocion qeu se esta generando dentro del planeta.

gracias por tu comentarion en mi foro.
have funn everybody. :eek:


whoh… they said imagine something on a book cover… i think you have it there…!! wow


Great work so far but I have crits about the scale of the scene :

The ship and the planet are nearly the same size which is possible of course. But I think this is the main problem. One should be really bigger than the other, that would give you a strongest composition.

These are my thoughts at first glance…


My first model is a solar ship.
I hope you like it


another view.

Any sugestions?


I will try to compose with the scene, to see if I can to solve the problem of the scale.


muy bonito!bravo! great modeling’ nice colors on our sketch,really good start very impressive sketch:thumbsup:


el concepto es tan anormal! heheh …i’ll definitely follow this one…promise! the concept is overflowing! :bounce: the modeling too!

pardon my spanish!


I need to add lights.


Hi there oneir0s. Very nice ship indeed, very cool idea about the solar ship, thumbs up! The sail looks very awesome :slight_smile: No crits about the ship nor the planet and the whole collision :thumbsup:

Keep it up, hope to see ya in the final!


now another ship.


New ship


anothers views


Hey! The solar ship looks great! Very original design and great textures too!
Also the fighter is very clean model so far :thumbsup:

Keep it up!


Thanks for your coments… they make me think about ( “clean”) and the result: