Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Rafa Parrilla


I believe that it has won dramatic character, with the new design and that of the ripples seems me a success. Some suggestion?.

A greeting.


Cool so far!

A big bang in outer space. Lookin’ forward to see how it progresses.



realy cool! i think you could also illuminate the ship with random tiny lights coming from inside of it :slight_smile:


yes at the moment I am worried for the positions and the designs of the ships but thank you by the suggestions, I will need them and a lot for to shade and to illuminate.

Thank you


very cool :thumbsup:


Very nice, although wouldn’t a moon fracture too, not just ripple? Maybe a few large cracks could add to the effect.


very cool… wut software u using?


The soft is maya…


yes he already has some I think to add particles effect and clouds too, but the intention was that the impact was very slow. As if the collision took place when the ship brakes.



this and a really cool camera angle and it’ll look gorgeous :slight_smile: :bounce: waiting for more :scream:


Nice work. I like the overall composition, but I think I would like to see a dissipating atmosphere on the planet. It might add just another degree of massiveness to the scene so that the audience realizes that this is planet and not a barren moon. Although, if it’s intended to be a moon then I think it’s fine.


Maybe you should add some dust near the collision place
and a little atmosphere would be fine as for me…

See this one:


nice idea, I think its full of action and epic feeling, also the models looks very good, keep updating!


Thank you for the advices.

I haven´t time to dedicate to this. And that helps me.


That is what I call a crash:twisted: But seriously, it looks great, the mood is wonderful. But I would light it up a litle bit. It seems to dark to me, and the detalis are hardly seen. But of course I wouldn’t use white light to make it brighter, only red/orange/firey and maby a litle blue from the left. Good work so far:thumbsup:


hohoh… already light !
immpressive scene… !


You are right, the darkness hinders the scene reading. Í will try to change the light.

Without lights white ,… ok nice idea. :thumbsup:

Thank you.
I´m to leave the work to have but time ( boss only is a joke.) :twisted:


huge scene qnd great collision effect:thumbsup: , do you use the shatter effects or do you model each fragmented pieces ?

I definitely want to see more, great start again !


Great collision!

Are there going to be some other objects in the scene? I see that collision as a part of background and there are other ships around observing that emergency situation and may be some characters emotions on foreground.

Keep it up! Waiting to see more!


do you use the shatter effects or do you model each fragmented pieces ?

At the moment little poligonals pieces. but I thinking about the xplosions maybe I can to change it for particles…
I not sure…