Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Rafa Parrilla


Rafa Parrilla has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Post Effects and Compositing: compositing the strokes

addings the strokes into the scene…

Maybe a lot of them…


Basic pencil concept…


fast coloring…I´m not sure in the battleships desing´s and colours…




Looks great, whats the story behind it?
How come the planet only has cities (assuming there cities) at the two poles of the planet?


Wow, with a style like that I almost hate to see it go 3D (this will be a 3D piece right?).

My only suggestions at the moments are that the object at the bottom is too blurred - so blurred it almost counts as just blank space. My opinion, either sharpen it up a bit (so you can tell what it is at least), or crop the bottom entirely. Maybe make it a creature making some goofy face while holding onto the debris, would kinda fit. :slight_smile:


That’s one badass ship or a very small planet…or is it a moon. Not very dense moon either if a ship can fly through it. But either way I love the style.


I love your style!!! Why not go for the 2D!! You are great What are you using for painting? :bounce:


My suggestion is that a planitary body (even a moon) has some type of molten core. Given how round that body is it should have some sort of ozzy lava type stuff spewing out of the cracks. Looking good as an image though!


concepts looking reaaly nice! just give us some more info on the story behind it!


LOL just plain awsome. She looks like a pure bread but steers like a cow! :slight_smile:

Good Luck.


WOW, That is a great concept. And thats a quick color?, lookslike it took a hwile to me. Nice job. That is also a very big Ship or small planet. I cant wait to see more. Keep us posted :thumbsup:


Excellent work on the concept :slight_smile: Keep rocking and post soon!


whoa… awesome concept!
something went wrong with the navigation systems huh ;p


I really like your concepts. cant wait to see more.


lovly sketch
nice start i loved your color
keep rocking and show 3d soon


Love the concept, awesome colouring too :thumbsup:


Thans en advanced for all coments…
first a little description…

The image is based on the disappearance of the first Iset moon.

The investigations carried out after the facts point to a geometric deviation in the navigation maps as the cause of the event.

Result: of the hundred of millions of inhabitants of this great moon, only escaped
some thousands, and that thanks to the quantity of ships placed around the whole planet whose majority resource was the trade and supply with the colony. -

The biggest political repercussion was the lost of the house of Anteosh, leaders’ dynasty and navigators that they governed (and quite well for
certain,) in this sector of the galaxy. Then the chaos, successive wars for the control of the trade destabilized the communication with the colonies
and they created an unstable area in all the aspects.

Once located historically, we will locate ourselves visually,… in the image very varied styles of ships must be seen that would identify different

merchants’ races and navigators, all escaping radially from the planet in forecast of the shock wave that an explosion of the planet could

The main caracter a ship-world Ardhana that impacts very slowly against the moon and for that reason it crosses it and doesn’t destroy it.

The rest explosions, etc…

Thank you



love your concept…i also like your 2d sketch…very unique and very colorful. I have one comment on ur modeling of the planet or the moon. It’s just that it looks like a soft balls that has been pinched in the middle. It doesn’t look like something has crashed into it. The edges of the moon shouldn’t be inwards and it looks like it has wrinkles on it. Hope it this helps you rather than confuses u. Good luck!


What a great idea, looking forward to see this develop.
One thing you might want to consider is; I’d guess such a huge space ship hit the moon would look like an aeroplane diving into the sea with a huge ripple racing around which would probably just fly off into space as it went.


After thinking of the designs of the ships, I have decided that it could be more dramatic an impact of two non aerodynamic objects.

I have reflected the suggestions of Miss hippo and the good idea of the clanger wave that you will see in the next one post.

Thanx for your time