Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Radu Octavian Pop


This new mouth head emerging from the wormhole idea is puzzleing my mind. So I start modeling a snake.
It`s lesser work to do in comparison with the concept sketch submited earlier and the snake is good too(hehe, the snake gaved the apple to Eve).
The images I used as refences are viper1.jpg from and snake-gland.png from


Here is the first image with the the snake modeling stage WIP


The snake rendered with FPrime.


Impressing! I hope you will finis hthis on time. It looks very promising now, but I see a lot work to be done still… so good luck!


is interesting Octaviane, i’m just curious to see the proportions between objects/characters. Good luck


arturro- Thanks Artur. I hope Ill be able to do something interesting. yea, a lot of work and so much time. Still modelling. I hope Ill be able to do some interesting textures like I`ve donne on your models. Great models you have there, and a huge battleground. Lots of posts in your thread, deffinitely a thred to watch. Right now in a great hurry to finish modeling and rig the snakes (there will be few of them emerging from the wormhole).
sandu22- Sandule (bine am zis?) the snake is huge (Width=1,7426 km, Height=11,568 km, Lenght=14,3895 km), and is not ready yet (I have to add a long long tail). Heheh, all the models have cosmic proportions !?! The destroyer far smaller. The sizes for destroyer ares Width=6 km, Height=3.18 km, Lenght=13.111. The worm hole is also huge, greater than the snake. All the models are modeled at real(?) size. Thanks man!


I`m a bit confused from where the lightning is coming…,hm?


Hi Peter. I`m not sure how the final composition will look like. The main idea is that the evil Forces wil emerge in our Univers from the wormhole. I planned 2 major lighting directions: a blue light from the left coming the sun (not seen in the image) and the other one, yellow, coming from the eye from the other end of the wormhole.


I changed the eye. The first one was to human.
I don`t know what kind of eye is this, but, you know, who knows what at the other end of the hole(tunel?)?


Ive changed a little the snakes head.


The background for my Grand Space Opera scene is made from 4 layers:
1.Background color made with Textured Environment in Lightwave,
2.Galaxies - made with sprite Hypervoxels applied to single points polys,
3.The wormhole - volumetric Hypervoxels
4.The foreground planet - textured with procedurals
I`ll post right now all of them.
Here is the first one.


To save time, I used the planet as a mask and Limited Region for the camera, activated.


The planets were rendered with FPrime. The textures for green planets will be changed.


Finally, the composition for the background
Here are more then the 4 layers described before and some 2d work too.


The UV maps for the snake. Ive tried today to do some nice effects for the snake using Hypervoxels, but Im affraid about the render times.
I will let this snake idea for the end of the job.


I`ve donne a guick lighting test for the human fleet.
the image was rendered with FPrime.


That’s coming along damn frickin good. Where do the snakes come in later? Everything’s coming along very nice!



Very nice layout and perspective…from the back of the ship…and you’ve done some nice things with LW HyperZ…they even holdup up close…wich is something that HV’s are notoriously bad at…you’ve done good work with them…now get these ships textured…I really have no crits right now, :thumbsup:


The light curve it supose to be the same for all planets, it seems to have different light source for the planet in the back. cam you put also sone yellow reflection from the worm hole to the planets. good work [ bafta ].


keetmun - Thanks Wong! I hope it will come smooth enought by the end. If Ill use the snake they will emerge from wormhole, and from theirs mouth will flood the alien fighters. Ill do the textures first and then, if Ill have enough time, Ill put the fire snakes in the scene. If not, Ill use only one type of alien ships.
essencedesign - Thanks Jeremy! Weve donne (me and my machine) all the best we could. Yea, Ill start texturing the ships.
sandu22 - Thanks sandu22! The planets in the back are far beyond the wormhole. The wormhole act like a flashlight. Maybe on the main planet. I`ll test that.
Many thanks guys for your opinions. Helps a lot.