Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Radu Octavian Pop


Thanks Yasser.
The huge rendering time issue in Lightwave is valid only for Hypervoxels.
Rendering polys is fast enought for my (if you could say that a render engine is ever fast enough)
Regarding my models, indeed I`ll have to practice more low (or light) poly modeling.


Dang,there’s some particles workin there…good work nice to see another LW’r here…I’m not sure what you are planninng for your worm hole…my only sugesstion in working with that many particles…maybe for some “variation”…try experimanting with gradients in your channels for particle size, strech, size variation, density and luminosity…a simple gradient with “particel age” as peramiter will give you the ability to control much more in your worm hole…just a sugg. you may already be on that path for all I know…the ships look great…very organic…you are on the right way for sure… :thumbsup:


Thanks Jeremy.
Coming these words from you (I saw what youve donne until now in your Brotherhood Space Opera - :thumbsup:) is a real pleasure for me. Yeah, gradients are great tools. Im not an expert but Im doing my best (still a lot of things to learn). Regarding my ships, I have a lot of modeling work to do. I decided to finish the backgrouns (planets, wormhole, outerspace) because its taking a lot of rendering time (hypervoxels). Ive donne a rendering test with a lot of ships (more than 2,000,000 polys and the scene was rendered fast enough. My only concern is that I have a lot of modeling work to do. Thanks again, I hope Im on the right way.

Happy New Year everybody!!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
I wish you all patiente and inspiration!!
All the best!!


Hey Radu,

Havn’t checked out your work for a while (sorry!) but it’s looking really good. Lovin’ the wormhole… but 96 hours! my god, that’s a long time. My whole scene takes 2 minutes and I thought that was boring to wait for! It does look awsome though, the rings of fire effect is top notch. Looking forward to seeing more, hope you finish in time! :bounce:


Thanks Matthew.
Yeah, 96 hours for the wormhole. I was glad I didnt choose extreme antialliasing settings for rendering the vortex. I want to finish rendering with all the hypervoxels for the background to know exactly how much time I have left for modelling and texturing the ships. Ive donne the evil alien eye and ill post it soon. While in Layout my machine is rendering the sky, in Modeller Im trying to do a new ship.
I changed the composition a little bit. I have not enough time to model, rig and animate the Spirit Travellers (I planned a lot of them).
I think this is the last attempt for the human ship. Ill post later this new ship (right now its only a sketch).


This is the same wormhole, but with the sprite version with little tweking for the hyprvoxels settings (not much),
for later composing.


Here are both hypervoxels rendered images with the eye on the background.
Any opinions regarding the eye are well appreciated.


I like very much the srpite version of the worm hole…perhaps copy that emmitter…change the “vibration” a bit…and then do a whole nother wormhole with another batch of sprites and different colors…you could probably run 3 or so “layers” of sprites before aproacing the render time of one “layer” of volume hypervoxls…the sprites are much nocer to your computer :smiley: …keep it up ,I will keep checking in and giving advice to you…peace…


Thanks Jeremy. I`ll try that later, after the challange is finished (still a lot of modeling work to do).
I did a little rendering test with volumetric Hypervoxels for the wormhole.
The render test was donne with Limited Region option activated for the camera and the size of the window was something like 80x28 pixels (the time was the problem, again). The firs image is from the wormhole already rendered, and the other render job was donne witht high antialliasing settings (17 passes). Then, I sized up 5 times the image size. As you can see in the image, is not a big difference at all. I will not render again the wormhole cause I think is good enough (the last one was croped from the 3636x2656 pixels rendered image).
Thanks again Jeremy, your opinions are very wellcome to me.:thumbsup:


While rendering in Layout Im modeling in Modeler (hehe,the 2 modules configuration advantage). I decided to do some lighter polys modeling, so Ive donne this new ship.
I like it a lot and after applying the mirror tool it have only 2340 polys.
Of course, Ill have to add a lot of detais, but the shape is ready. Its a human ship, the images were screen captured.


It is good inof welldone:thumbsup:


That’s a frickin cool wormhole you got! Can’t wait to see the ship textured as well, should look really good!


Hey PRO!

Lookin’ good, as always. Can i tempt you into putting up a render of the whole scene with what you’ve done so far, wormhole, ships and all? Go on go on go on :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Nice modelling, I’m inpatient to see the textured ships. As for the wormhole, personally I’d use some Photoshop layers - that will make it look more natural, and will get you rid of the long rendering time (imagine that you’ll have to animate that: then you make the layers in Photoshop, you import them in After Efects or other compositing software, you can add lightning betweenthem, add light effects as ships pass by, animate them - rotation or whatever - and maybe add particles only for things like “ship passing through a layer of clouds”). Or, maybe try to add to the hypervoxel texture another layer, with larger scale settings, to make it look less even.
Anyway, I’m just discovering compositing, and it works great, you can allways make adjustments without having to render the whole scene again. Usualy CG people only use 3D for the elements that have to be three-dimensional. :wise:



visualact - Hey Yasser, I took your advise and I must say it was a good one. Im glad with my new ship. Thanks a lot mate! [B]keetmun[/B] - Hi Wong, thanks man, Im glad you like it. I hope Ill be able to do the ship too on your taste. Your words gonne straight to my heart and cortex (toucheing my 2 vital areas - the lough and courage centers) [B]M477[/B] - Dontt tempt me Matthew! Dontt tempt me Matthew! heheheh!! just kidding. Reading your post gaved me a new idea for the wormhole and I think (not sure yet) that the human destroyers flotila will be seen from behind and a destroyer will be in the foreground, heading to the wormhole. Ill have to do some modeling stuff and then Ill see whats the final version for my composition.
Thanks mate for your words, dont know what gaved me this new idea in your post ( I dont see even a single word that could affected my subconscious. Hehe, strange.
CYCLER - Thanks Ion, dont know yet what the ship will look like (colors, plates, etc.). The light in the scene will come from the left and the visible side of the ship will be in the dark(in this new idea). Yes, Ill do separate render jobs for almost all the elements in the scene, and then do the final composition in a 2d app. The volumetric effects for wormhole is rendered. I hope I`ll finish as soon as
possible with all the Hypervoxels effects to gain shorter render times for the rest of the scene elements.
Thanks bro, take care!

Thanks everybody for your great support. You`re giving me wings!!! :thumbsup:


Here is the ship in the same stage, rendered in Layout.


In my new idea (hehe, I have a lot of time!!) a evil mouth (maybe a head, not sure yet) emerge from the wormhole
and the alien ships flood from the mouth. The mouth will have some sort of snake fangs.
The whole mouth will have a gaseous consistency (hypervoxels again).
Anyway, Ill continue with the ships, and if Ill have enough time I`ll build the mouth too.
Here is the concept sketch for the general appearance of the mouth(head).


If you render the hypervoxels, then do it at the lowest quality setting, and just blur that layer later. Saves a lot of time. Though, I’ll keep saying that it would be better to have it as a layered matte painting. IMHO. Especially if you happen to own a graphic tablet. Or if you can get some nice clouds pictures and tweak them.

In orice caz, degetu mare sus, esti singura speranta a LightWave-ului romanesc :thumbsup:


Glad to be of service! Sounds like a good idea though. I can’t believe how little time is left all of a sudden, :eek: I hope we can all finish in time and be content with our final subs.

post a quick full render… go on :smiley:


CYCLER-Ill try that and see if Ill get something reasonable. I still choose the hypervoxels because I can model in the same time Im rendering in Layout. Im affraid Ill have not enough time for texturing and final composition. No graphic tablet here, just my mouse (even if Ill have one, my drawing skills are very poor).
Merci fain, dar sunt altii mai bunoci ca mine care sigur n-au intrat in challange-ul asta. Eu sunt copil mic, mai am multe de-nvatat. Oricum, merci fain pentru incurajare. Chiar ajuta, ma face sa stau mai usor lipit de scaun si sa cer mai mult de la mine.
M477-Thanks again Matthew. Yes, time flyies. I hope Ill be able to finish it one or two days before the deadline. It will be very stressfull in the last days. I hope youll finish your work too. Regarding the entire scene render, Ill post one when Ill know better when I will be able to finish. Still a lot of details to add to all my models, nothing textured yet, so, Im really pushed for time. Right now Im modeling a snake head. I found some nice images on the internet and Ill use them as references. Ill post some WIP in a couple of hours.