Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Radu Octavian Pop


PRO, I really like the design of your ships. The grooves along the wings on the 3D renders make them appear very sleek.Your last concept sketch is nice. A hoarde emerging from a cosmic eye. Cool.


Hi Pro, first, I have to say good concept, the whole idea is very good, I hope to see more progress soon.
I like all the ships, except the energy generator, looks a little boxy, is not bad, is just your alien ships look more stylized on speed and curves forms. anyways is only my opinion.
keep it up!


very nice work on your sketches. I like the display of movement.
numai bine si noroc!
best of luck!


Sorry for delay guys. For a couple of days Ill be busy with other things Ill have to do, so I have little time to work to my GSOpera scene.

Maybe this way, I will be able to refine the concept (tought job).
I have a few ideas but Im not decided yet. He he,....Im close, I`m very very close, I can feel it!!!

DigiLusionist - Thanks Roger. The fighter is not ready yet. I have to work on details, but this will be donne at a later stage, when Ill know exactly how the entire concept will be and how Ill organize the entire scene.

plaguelord - " anyways is only my opinion" - Maximiliano, I will say you eaxctly how dom told me: “your opinion matters to me”. Im glad you like my concept idea and the ships. Regarding the hole idea behind the scene I intend to build, he he ... for me, this is like a huge labor in the giving childbirth process. I hope it will not be a stillbirth. Regarding the ships: Ill use only the fighter, but this one will be changed too. Pretty heavy I think. The general shape for the wings will be the same, but it will have to suggest “the evil” not only the speedy movement. About the energy generator, youre right. I intended to use it in my first concept. Ill not build it anymore, because its not a high speed vessel, it was meant as a support ship for some sort of a planetary cannon (which Ill not build it anymore). Thank you for your opinion Maximiliano.

Andrei2k - Thanks, I`m glad you like it. Best of luck to you too, Andrei!!! Bafta!!


Ive built some details to the alien fighter. Regarding the defenders, I dont know yet what I will do.


your ship is comming along nicely. Love your concept :thumbsup:


Nice concept sketch:thumbsup: , hope to see some more cool stuff :eek:

My CG Challenge XVI - Grand Space Opera - 3D Thread


Alien fighter - heavy poly version for closed objects, 13,000 polys, not many details yet


Hehe… al treilea roman in afara de mine care-l stiu sa lucreze cu LightWave… bun asa ! :thumbsup:

Nice ships. I dare to make a sugestion: maybe you can carve some holes in the hull (like maintenance doors or something) to show a bit of “guts” here and there… ? I think this provides better reference to the viewer, IMHO.


Actually, I really like the modelling. As well, I think the style of the ship is really unique, with lots of references somehow merged into this one cohesive and unique work. Bravo, toate cele bune si mult noroc! :slight_smile:


Hector - Thanks Hector, I hope Ill do something youll like at the finel stage too.
Vittorius - Thanks Kacper. Im glad you like it. Im still fighting with the concept idea for the defenders cause I feel that the hole concept is not ready yet.
CYCLER - Merci Ioan. Indeed there are not so many romanian lightwavers. I know too a few of them. The fighter is not ready yet. Thanks for suggestion, I`ll try to do my best.

Thanks everybody for your opinions, your support is invaluable. :thumbsup:
I hope in the near future I`ll have more time to work on this project, cause I really want to finish it.


Thanks Mihnea, Im glad you like it. Regarding the references, I think I was influenced by the shapes from the Batman movies (maybe the Batman logo). I didnt use any references, I was looking for keen, sharp shapes.
Hehe, merci mult, bafta si tie !! :thumbsup:


No no nooo, that’s Batman’s plane :wise:


Yea, I did a quick search with google and i found this. I didn`t use it as a reference image, maybe just from memory I used the general looking.


Even I dont have so much time Ive tried some shapes for the alien mothership.
Here are some of them. Some of them are too organic or zoomorphic (I dont know if this is the correct word). I renounced to use them because, finally, I found the idea for the other race. Ill post it tomorrow.
For the emerging allien ships I will use only one model. It`s enough.
There will be a lot of them (somewhere between 100 and 200 ships).


The action in my concept idea is taking place in January 17 52,005. Almost 50,000 years from now on.
In 52,005 the only concern for human race will be their happiness.
Even though humanity will be technologically very advanced, humanity`s will remain a religious race.
Believe it or not, they never meet other intelligent extraterrestrial races. This is their first contact.
Another reason to remain religious people.
Many peoples, but not everybody, will be able to travel great distances using their special mind powers.
They are known as SPIRIT TRAVELLERS.
These Spirit Travellers will fight against the invaders.
They will guide energy balls launched from both sides of their ships.
These space ships are called HUMAN LANCERS.


The same space ship


OK, after an unwanted working pause to this GSO challange, Im back in business. Time is very short and I still hope Ill able to finish it in time.
Here is the wormhole from where the alien invaders are emerging.
For creating the wormhole I choosed to use particle emiters and Hypervoxels.
I used a hexagon (not seen by the camera) and three particle emiters linked to the hexagon.
The particle emiters are positioned to three opposite corners of the hexagon.
The generated particles are used for Hypervoxels. The Hypervoxels were rendered at good quality settings and the antialliasing
settings for the render engine are only at enhanced low quality(5 passes). Even so, at 3636x2656 pixels, the entire scene was
rendered in 96 hours (P4 2,66 GHz and 1Gb RAM memory). Who knows how much time it will be necessary to render at enhanced extreme antialiasing
settings (33 passes). I don`t think I have enought time to render the wormhole again.
The hexagon is moving back from frame 1 to 300, rotate 10 times on the Z axis in the clockwise direction, and
the particles emited by the three emitters created a snail(spiral) tube.
The world coordinates for the hexagon are:
Frame 1:
Position X=820 m, Y=438.5 m, Z=-794.5 m Rotation H=0, P=0, B=0
Size X=1.00, Y=1.00, Z=1.00
Frame 300:
Position X=4.678 km, Y=4.064 km, Z=2,429.7 km
Rotation H=0, P=0, B=-3600 grades
Size X=0.6, Y=0.372, Z=1.00

P.S. - it`s so good to be back, hehe


the wormhole after 96 rendering hours


it seems your are donig a hard job :thumbsup:
but whatch out your models they are very havy model try to model very light…
i hope it can help and reduce the renderig time
good luck