Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Radu Octavian Pop


A Hole in the Sky

This is my final image.

Thank you all for your opinios. Your great support was invaluable.
This was a great challange and a nice theme too.
All the best everybody!!!



Amazing Final Image Radu…you should be very proud you came up with a great concept and saw it through to a final image that looks great…just wanted to say congats to you… :thumbsup:


Well done Radu, the final image looks awsome! Will you be teleporting me one of those ships now?? Good luck! :deal:


Nicely done Radu. Great motion to your image. I have to admit I could barely tell those were ships coming out of the portal. After enlarging it I could tho. Very cool concept. Keep up the good work. GL in the judging round!


Hi Radu! Very nice image you have created here :thumbsup: The worm hole looks very deep and angry nice job that works really well.Good textures on your ships too looks good.The image has good depth i think and has me looking over it in search of things happening in the distance.
I hope you do well with this good luck my friend :slight_smile:

Kind Regards


Hey congrats on the final, it really looks kickass. Love the ‘firehole’ and snakes. Good stuff! All the best with voting!



Hey Radu,
First time I have seen your thread, sorry I missed this one during the contest. I like your final image sort of Lord of the rings the space opera version. I like the detailing on the main ship in the foreground.
Good luck.


essencedesign - Thanks Jeremy. Your rewarding words are going straight to my heart. Good luck to you too jeremy, and take care.
M477- Hey Matthew, thanks. You did it too. Ill send you one. Take care mate, and good luck! [B]||) |V| |^|[/B] - Thanks Richard. Im glad you liked it. Good luck to you too, man! I enjoyed your special addition: “Sacrificial Exodus: The needs of the many.mp3” to your 3D working. Coool idea
blackdragoncg - Thanks Gary, for your kind words. Im glad you liked it. Good luck to you too, my friend. [B]essencedesign[/B] - He, he Wong. Really looks kickass? Thanks my friend, your words always makes me to lough. Good luck to you too Wong! [B]mmoir[/B] - Yes Mike, I understand you so well. So many interesting threads and so little time . Thanks for your appreciation and comparison. Im honoured. Good luck to you too Mike!

Thank you very much my friends for your kind words.
Your appreciations are a great reward for my work.
You knwo, the day to day life is asking her rights.
So, when I was tired or late in night, when an observation or an encouraging word camed from you guys, refuelled my bateries.
My only regret is that I hadn`t time enoght to visit the many, many cool and interesting entries in this challange.
The theme was a generous one, and now, when all is finished I have more time to visit and enjoy others work.
And there are a lot of entries here, which are so enjojable for eye and spirit and from which I can have something to learh.


Radu…Well this turned out real well…really a wild and good looking piece.I think you should be proud of your efforts here and the results…I wish you luck in this challenge and congrats on finishing,a tough task in itself as proven in this challenge.All the best to you…:thumbsup:


Wow Octavian! that’s a huge hole in the space, Congratulations, It looks Very good, from concept to final image :thumbsup:
At the end I realize there are lots of cool threads I never visited before, Good Luck pal! :beer:


Excellent work. Congratulations:applause:


Congradulations again on your beautiful submission my friends really liked your entry the other night at their party from what I understand. Good job and good luck in the finals!

Ok Radu, just because you posted what you did. Your response of how you experienced my entry, I finished the song… I uploaded the song… and I fully plan on making a music video for it of my entry to release here on CGnet!


congrats and best of luck, the image looks foarte bine. :smiley:


Virtuoso - Thanks Michael. All the best to you too and good luck in the judjing phase!
Climax - Thank you Omar, as you said, a lot of very good entries, and I honoured to be in such a companionship.
Maxter - Thank you very much Maxter. Im glad you like it. [B]||)|V||^|[/B] - He he Richard, Im glad your friends liked my entry. Regarding the GSO Theme Song, Richard Im VERY VERY HONOURED!! I thought that this way I can see better what you want to say in your working. And regarding the song itself, I liked it. Really. Among many others, I like Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Guns and Roses, Creedence Clearwater Revival, ELO, Vanghelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Isao Tomita, even Kraftwerk, and the list can go on, but in the same field (rock, progressive, electronic, and classical music too). So, you know, it was pretty simple to understand and like your song for GSO theme. Its already included in my mp3 list among the regular songs I listen when Im in front of my pc. And it fits well.:thumbsup: Once again, Thank you very much Richard. Im so so honoured. Take care my friend.
coremi - Thanks my friend. I`m glad you liked it. Thanks for passing by.


A very nice and colourful image goodluck :thumbsup:


Your work is really impressive - i like this red hole :thumbsup:


Hey Radu just dropping by to check your image out again… Very cool man. Some people in this contest truely do have great imaginations. :slight_smile:

Regarding the music. I myself, listen to all sortsa music. Aphex Twin, NIN, Enigma, KMFDM, Juno Reactor, TKK for the more “modern styles”, but I am also very influenced by Ravvi Shankar and Bobbie McFarin which are not necissarily popular but very very good stuff. I love music of quality in any genre I guess you could say. I think that those who put their all into something and really are in it for the love of their art, earn a place in my list as well. Thanks for taking the time to appreciate my creation, we will definantly have to collaborate some day near in the future.



I fossicked arround a bit and found your Image!

Wow… this is awesome!

I special like the material from the giant ships, looks very grand :thumbsup:

I whish u the best & good luck in the voting-stage!


great work! Radu! i really enjoy watching great cg artist of this challenge
hope to see you in the next challenge


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