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Radu Octavian Pop has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: A Hole in the Sky

A Hole in the Sky

This is my final image.

Thank you all for your opinios. Your great support was invaluable.
This was a great challange and a nice theme too.
All the best everybody!!!




We knew that!!!
We all knew that they WILL COME.
The only thing we didnt know was, WHEN and HOW they will come. Now we have the answer. THEY ARE HERE !!! THEY ARE UPON US !!! All our preparations! All our efforts! Lets hope it was not all in vain.
Even though we expect the worst, we hope for the best.
Hmmm, it`s like HELL ON EARTH!!
Who would have believed that they will make … A HOLE IN THE SKY?

I hope that my GRAND SPACE OPERA attempt will illustrate these words.
You know, “Even we think for the worse, WE HOPE FOR THE BEST”

Good luck everybody !!!


Sounds appropriately dramatic!:smiley:


I have finaly decided how my Grand Space Opera will look like.
It will be a conflict between two races.
The invaders will come in the defenders (not necessary humans) univers through hole, gate, wormhole.
Their univers will be red, hellish, and their entire fleet will luok like a flood in the defenders univers. It will look like the bats leaveing their cave in the evening. The sips will be dark with red lights, and their shapes will look similar with the bats shapes (especially the fighters) with smooth surfaces.
The defenders ships will have some sort of a mechanical look. I haven`t decided yet. Of course, the defenders will have a planet (maybe two sister planets) to defend. Around the planet(s) will be an entire defending network, outposts and their flotilla too, everything into a blue-greenish univers.
I hope that the image will show a furious and desperate fight.
My drawing skills are poor, but I hope you will understand something from the sketch below.


I have finished the shape of the invaders fighter. The fighters head is not final and I have to add the details too.
The hardest job (for me) is to find some simple shapes but with an expressive look. You know, every race have a distinct look and personality.


I have finished the shape of the invaders fighter. The fighters head is not final and I have to add the details too.
The hardest job (for me) is to find some simple shapes but with an expressive look. You know, every race have a distinct look and personality.


Cool!, And doesn’t look like mine at all. :slight_smile:

No worrys dude, great minds think a like! :wink:


nice ship man , bafta in continuare


May the furious and desperate epic scale battle begin radu…And may the forces of space operas go with you.Nice epic scene planned,quite grand in scale.I will keep an eye out on your progress.All the best to you.


That is one cool ship! very apple ipod-like in essence, I WANT ONE!! :drool:


in my opinion, you should change the cockpit …


I really like your first overall sketch. And in the sketch with the two spaceships I really like the top one. I’m also not quite sure if the cockpit will do the trick … It looks a bit fragile and not dramatic or space opera-like. In the other image you had heavier engines and a bigger cockpit. The one you modelled now looks like it can explode when it hits a fly :slight_smile: Not scary at all.

Anyay, you can draw and model a lot better then me, so good luck and keep up the good work. Concept is great!


I like your model, it’s very well designed. Can’t wait to see the textures you throw onto the model. :wip:


i like how ur few lines of 3rd person speaking to speak out the concept of ur works…is fun and creative…


BookMansBlues - Thanks James. Naybe this fighter runs from your universe into mine. Even Im using Lightwave and youre using Maya, you never know with these aliens.

mayashu - Thanks a lot.

Virtuoso - Thanks Michael! Hope that my pc will be able to manage the entire scene. Who knows how many millions aliens I will drop into my Grand Space Opera.

M477 - Thanks Matthew. After the “battle” will be over I will teleport you one.

cg:unlimited - Florian, you`re right. I hope i will post a new one today or tommorrow. Thanks.

theduke - Thanks Jan. My sketch looks like it was donne by a 7 years child. Hand drawing it`s not my strongest point. I tried to suggest the alien flood

invading the defenders universe. Thanks for suggestions. Indeed, the cockpit it`s not scary ay all. Hope the next one will be more aggressive.

ibambao - Thanks ian! Im glad you liked it. Considering the textures, Im curious too.

kinston - I`m glad you liked it. Thanks Chan!

Thanks for your opinions and Good luck everybodyg. :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


The shape for the alien fighter`s cockpit. Opinions are welcome? Thanks.


Opinions are welcome!!!
Sorry for mistake.


There have been other scimitar shaped ships about in the sci fi/ 3d model world. But this one has such subtle nuances in the flow of the wings and it’s design that it has a unique grace. I’m really likin’ it.


Thanks Monsoon. I had great headaches to decide the final shape for the wings.
I made more then 20 variants. Anyway, it`s not ready yet.


Energy Generator Alien Ship - the shape is just a sketch. Only the wings will maintain their shape.
The general shape of this ship will be similar with the position of the eagle capturing a rabbit.
All the alien ships will have aggressive shapes (at least I hope I will be able to suggest this attitude)
This Energy Generator Alien Ship will provide (in group of 3 to 6 ships) with enery a huge
planetary plasma cannon. This ship is a 100 times bigger then the fighter.