Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Philipp Zaufel


Great Image, and congrats on finishing!


thanks janet. i’m sure you’ll find your avatar. sooner or later.


I had not yet seen your final image…It is greatly composed…I enjoyed following the progress…the modeling on that cape is amazing mate…great job and good luck… :thumbsup:


thanks jeremy, i must admit i have not seen your final one, too. it’s hard to choose, i’m discovering more and more good work like your’s, i haven’t seen yet. i think i will start voting tomorrow - and it will be hard… :slight_smile:


Ah, I wondered who’s entry this was; at first, I thought it was a 2D entry (the compostition has a traditional feel to it and the style has a very painterly tone to it). Great job. :thumbsup:


thanks - yes, i’m a fan of pastell colors and i like to reduce my images to 2 or 3 main colors, so that the eye has got an easier job when looking at it. perhaps that’s the reason of the 2d look, i didn’t paint over it in photoshop :slight_smile: - your’s look very painterly too, btw. nice.


Wow, man you have done a great work, with almost no time! You have my vote :thumbsup: ! And this pic rocks! I will never be tired of looking at this amazing guy with snow… O M G ! Good work man! :applause:


:applause: Very very nice work man CONGRATULATIONS :applause:


thanks, very much. this means much to me, especially your vote, GaNNEl, because i wouldn’t have voted for my image if i had to choose the top works from this contest (i mean i haven’t, too :slight_smile: ).

you did a awesome GSO, SUN …

thanks again.


yea ditto :thumbsup:


sanks, master of tha teddybears :slight_smile:


well - a finish as i expected - seeya next time guys :slight_smile:


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