Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Philipp Zaufel


I like the snow on his clothes


Thats quite some scale and scope Philipp…very vast.I could only suggest you bring the camera up a touch,and show no end to the vast set of buildings in the background.As if the set of buildings dont just end.The viewer will feel that this set of buildings go on and on way off of what we do see on the screen…Giving off even more of a grand scale and size…The way it is now shows an end to the grand set piece,I think by showing no end to each side of the screen you get the feeling of even more size and scale…

Well,I’ll let you get back to it.Looking grand in scale,and also real nice in execution…Keep it going Philipp…:arteest: :arteest:


i like your z-brushed face, too, Darkone2652 :slight_smile:

thanks Michael - i will definitly go over the background again, when i have the final composition in front of me. and your suggestions mean very much too me, i will take them into consideration (bad english??)



nothing special. just some rude renderings to check the light for the main foreground stage.

from top to bottom.

  • self-illuminated + athmos + GI
  • added self made HDRI (rendered from background)
  • added attenuated light from the magic
  • added sunlight


wow I like a lot the 3d test light, keep going man! :thumbsup:


well - finally i managed to render all my layers and this is the first merging of them. i’ve added some rude color correction in post, but it’s not finished. next piece will be my final image - i will play with post and perhaps add a few brushstrokes here and there … ohh. and i will re-render the ship, i think.

conducting a cold dream.


thanks GaNNEl - hope you will like the final piece, too. i’m currently not that happy about my image - time to finish this thing :slight_smile:


Hey I like a lot this last update! But time is killing isn’t it? WOW man I really like the snow in the dress… I’m sure I will love the final image! :thumbsup:


Hi Philipp,

It’s the last rush. Good Luck on finishing your work!






  • FIRST: to the judges: (if this picture will ever be viewed by the judges - what i don’t think, but hope :slight_smile: ) - buy a MOGWAI cd and listen to it with a good hi-fi-system (buy one if you don’t own one) while viewing my image, it’s the music which inspired me most while working on this picture.

  • SECOND: thanks to everyone of those 1.000 people who viewed my thread and especially to them who found it worth investing a few seconds of their life to comment my work, it was really a great experience for me.

  • THIRD: this was not my last challenge, i can’t wait for the next one :slight_smile:

last minute changes possible…


I love the snow and the atmoshepere.
you should be very proud of such a nice image.


Great Philipp/Maxim!

May the Snow be with you! Always.

Do you have snow in Austria? Here at the north pole we don’t…

Bye and Good Luck.




O my god!It’s super men! cool image:thumbsup: ,best wishs!!good luck.


yes my friend… wonderful piece of 3d art! my congratulations:applause:


thanks KOryH - i followed your entry since the beginning - and it’s awesome. i especially like your concept-drawing skills.

no agostino. no snow in austria, too. my grandma would say this is because of the destruction of mother earth and the terrible end for humans is near… well…


wow, even more replies - thanks everybody. there are so many talented and nice people here, like this forum alot :slight_smile:

can’t wait for your’s arturro :slight_smile:


shit - wanted to make a small update to my pic, but wasn’t able to upload it. good lession, don’t finish in the last hours next time :slight_smile: anyway, a pretty good version of my pic is online…

just a few techspecs now:

[li]3d: 3ds max[/li][li]renderer: finalrender stage-1[/li][li]special effects and clouds: afterburn[/li][li]post: digital fusion, some photoshop[/li][/ul]
[li]polys: ~20 Mio on all layers with subdiv ON[/li][li]textures: only 5 selfdrawn texture maps used, rest ist prozedural (i LOVE procedural things) - for the planet, the clothes, the skin and 2 masks for the snow and the ship[/li][li]lightning: one selfmade-HDRI (rendered from background) used for the foreground layers - a few area lights and a monte-carlo brute force method for some GI[/li][li]layers: 5 layers for the background, 2 for the foreground, EVERYTHING is rendered, no brushing in photoshop (except some small artifacts only visible in hi-res) - i wanted to do a picture which can be used for an animation as well…[/li][/ul]TIME:
[li]worktime: did work mainly on weekends. about 14 days in sum.[/li][li]rendertime: background layers: 14 hours - foreground layers: 50 hours with 5000x3200 pixels.[/li][/ul]if there are some questions, i would be happy to answer.
i’ve also captured 3 video tutorials on cloud creation, prozedural geometry and maxscript. i hope they are advanced enough so that some of those great talents here find them useful, too. will publish them soon on my hp.

once again, thanks to all, it’s a great place.


Nice story in that image! good work and good luck to you:thumbsup:



Turned out real nice Philipp…you should be proud of a very nice effort.looks real nice.I wish you luck and all the best in the future…I think creating Cg right next to the Wolfgang and Attersee would be real nice too…:wink: :cool:


thanks guys - you have connections to Austria Michael? Those lakes are nice indeed, but it’s not where i come from. I lived at the Wörthersee for some time - perhaps you know this one, too… :slight_smile: