Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Philipp Zaufel


[/QUOTE] [QUOTE=turbinea] maybe some street could suggest city structure. anyway good work.
I agree with Turbinea: It would better represent the scale if broader streets or avenue were noticeable…Anyway I admire ur concept and ur modeling skills too! Keep it up man!

ps: reading such a threads teaches me so much…


wasn’t able to visit my own thread the whole weekend, christmas is coming and everyone goes crazy …

thanks for your replys, guys!

hi ago-stino :slight_smile: i think you got me wrong… i meant, when i submit a new milestone, there are a bunch of different options i can choose from. everything clear so far, except the option -3d challenge- (the first option of the dropdown). don’t know what this is for… but i don’t care :slight_smile:

yes, lotaH, you’re right. but it’s more a question of shading, i will put a lot of snow on these mountains and they will become brighter. in this test-rendering i just have a default-grey material on them…

and thanks turbinea and Guimetz, this helps a lot, i will take your suggestions into account, you’re absolutely right. this happens when you look too long into your own pictures…

TheGreat, thanks for your kind works. i think the most important thing in every artform is passion and love. if your love what you’re doing, you will be willing to learn as much as you can about the craft, what will make you a great artist. just my opinion, and i think i’m just at the beginning of the road, compared to a overwhelming amount of great artist on this forum…


I splitted the whole scene in background and foreground, mostly because of my poly-count. i just have 1,5GB ram, and i had problems when rendering the scene…

Here are just some wireframes of the background, renderings will follow soon. The particle system is for the clouds. City is still procedural, for tweaking. I love procedural things :slight_smile:


Foreground and Golden Mean Lines. The light blue circle represent the magic, the conductor will be spelling cast on the robot-army, some robots will crash onto the snow-hill on the left side. In the background on the right side is some dummy-geometry for the ship of the conductor, broken into two parts. It will burn and there will be footsteps from the ship to the place where he stands now. Lot’s of details to do… whoa.


Another view of the foreground-geometry. Created with a cloth simulation of a plane on some simple scattered primitives. Good starting point for adding details… There has to be a lot of interaction with the snow to make the environment believable, I think…

BTW, i thought of screen-capturing my next modeling and texturing steps for later tutorials. Would anybody be interested in this kind of information?


Just another upload, because it will be my last post until after christmas. I’m going to visit my parents and will not be online until next week, but i take my computer with me :slight_smile:

I HATE this picture, i hate the composition and i will change a lot on it … Please also note, this is just a composition test, it’s not intended, that the robots stand around like braindeads… so. Have a nice Christmas!


Very nice entry. And you work fast! I think i’ve said this before on other threads, but I love that it’s character-driven. Keep it coming!


Hi Maxim,

Your Background very better whith clouds!!

warning whith the sun’s ligth (“caustc”) :shrug:



I think the composition looks really good! There might too much activity going on on the right side, and that may take away attention from the middle where the crazy stuff happens. But the red suns looks good no less.

Also i don’t know why but the footprints seems rather comical to me. I keep imagining your character walking all the way out to the spot to face the bad guys, and I wonder why she doesn’t stay where she is to fight. It’s just a personal thing really. Probably looks fine the way it is.:thumbsup:


hello again - going to finish this piece now. here is some work i did in the last days…


these are the layers for the final image. i’m going to change a few minor things in the next few days and then i will render the final image.


Wow :eek: ! The challenge is ending and I keep finding really cool works like yours! I didn’t finished mine and I surendered :shrug: … But I’ll be watching this project too! It’s really cool! Best of luck to you buddy! BTW: Great CONDUCTOR model! I love it! :thumbsup: Oh and you said something of screen capturing for tuts, I’ll be really interested so maybe I wont surrender in the next challenge :scream: !

Keep it up man! I’ll be around watching your amazing work! :thumbsup: :buttrock:


thanks guys and girls for your comments.

yes, GaNNEl, I’ve captured a few tuts on modeling and cloud and shader creation. Will cut and compress them after the challenge…

thanks again keetmun for your words, i thought about the footsteps, too… for me it’s some kind of a symbol of the defense attidude of this character. he started to flee after the crash and only turned around and attacked because he has to…

lotaH, thanks, i think you mean the bright relflection of the suns-light in my composition test? just a test without shaders…

and thanks artemesia66. i like character-driven GSOperas most, too… i’m planning to put in a second character (a dead friend in the snow, near the ship) but i don’t know if time allows…

i have to work on more GRAND of my SPACE OPERA now, it dows look a little bit too small by now… but i have a few ideas and i will post my pre-final image soon…


Just stopping by…My first sight of your work…It’s a very pleasant sight too…very nice scope and range.And well done execution wise as well…A nice piece of work,nice effort and results…Keep this up to the finishline Phillip…:arteest:


First time I see this too - some great work you’re doing! I really like that city structure - looks huge. And the character is wonderful - keep going like this and you have a great final :thumbsup:


yepp, echoe those comments! A very comprehensive works, you seem to know exactly what you want to do and your texturing is pristene. Keep it up :thumbsup:


Hi Philipp, Hello Maxim,

Looks great! The lights on the snow should be great. After you have done some light testing, I will say more.

I saw your show reel on your website. That 3D remake of the High Noon’s scene (hope that’s the film…) left me with my mouth open; and also the other piece, that with the girl…really good, almost funny. It shouldn’t be easy to do something like that…and I like the inspiration.

have a nice work


oops, I forgot: also those 2 tutorials on reflections are very a good work.



thanks everyone for the nice words. it seems the whole GSO-forum is exploding now, everyone is heading to the finish line :slight_smile:

thanks ago-stino. the reel is a little bit old :frowning: but there are some pieces in it i’m still quite proud of, yes…

now - back to work:
i will reveal my final image layer by layer, starting with the background. so let’s upload the first layer:


the background layer.

  • planet with simple, matte-painted texture
  • mountains made with discplacement maps and a special shader combination
  • floor has got a displacement map and some bump mapping on it. all maps prozedural.
  • city consists of prozedural geometry, a combination of randomly selected faces, the famous greeble modifier and some splines. all maps prozedural, too.
  • 2 cloud layers, the fat clouds are is texture-map-driven geometry filled with particles and rendered with afterburn.

rendered in 4 passes, composition in digital fusion.

color correction is not final, i have to wait for the other layers :slight_smile:


didn’t know which milestone. just some details of the background layer and a wireframe view.

no on to the next layer, i hope it’s finished until weekend…