Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Philipp Zaufel


Hi there Philipp!
Great modeling here, the character looks really good. You put the feeling of the wind here quite good. Imho the cpare needs also to be wind affected. And the boots most bottom part , duno it just doesnt look right to me, maybe if You give some left to right seams…
Anyways, great job, like the robots a lot, very original deign, thumbs up!


thanks for your critique! this helps very much.

i totally agree, there are lots of problems on this model. i will finish his geometry tomorrow.

  • boots
  • cape
  • hair
  • hands and face (older - wrinkles)

i tried some other things today, so let’s make a quick update:


I made a Photoshop session and created a high-res texture (bump, diffuse and specular) for my big planet in the background. Doesn’t look spectacular without athmosphere and clouds, but i think the planet will fit pretty good. I used a combination of photos and some rendered fractals as a starting point for the matte…


I made a quick rendertest for my city geometry (just a lambert shader and no shadows in this rendering!).

I created several little MaxScripts who helped me in creating different forms of procedural geometry. The rest of the details will come from the shader and the lighting, I think it’s enough geometry…


Good Idea!! Congratulations!



Great modeling work so far - the city looks great and I really like the flow of your conductors cape - will come back and check out his hair…! :thumbsup: Claireabella


Superb composition and I like the color/value scheme already…looks cold. Look forward to seeing your progress.



just a small update of my conductor. i’m currently working on the snow environment and i will continue with some tweaking, texturing and shading of him when he stands where he belongs. he will be partly covered with snow (especially his cape and boots) and so it makes no sense to model like a maniac without the snow…


Wonderful hair! can you tell me how you made them? great work man! I’w waiting for next updates.


sure :slight_smile: happy, someone is interested… i’m using 3ds max for most parts of modeling and for the final composition and i decided to do a brute force monte carlo raytracing (with gi) of the whole scene, because it’s the most reliable and accurate method for a single image. for the hair i mainly used the hairFX engine with some help of maxscript, because the sculpting tools of hairFX are … ähem … not present.


  • i started with a furFX node and created basic long fur (it stood in alll directions from his head)
  • then, with the help of a hair vector i created the basic leaning and bending of the hair from the front to the back
  • i converted the furFX node to a spline, with a little maxscript i exploded the spline into it’s subsplines and tweaked them with a FFD modifier
  • i used these splines as guide hairs for hairFX, added a little bit of curling and clumping, tweaked some distribution and randomness settings - and voila

finally, the main thing about this hair rendering, and why it looks basically correct, is because i used real geometry for it

  • turn geometry option for hairFX ON, turn “convert to editable mesh” for the hairFX-node ON and turn the hairFX renderer OFF. the raytracer makes the rest. you just have to be careful with the geometry options in hairFX (sides, knots, bezier steps) and how many hairs you create. with the right settings - it’s no problem…



Wow! I really appreciate your help. thenks:thumbsup: Very clever way to get nice results!
I love the way the hair look like they would be covered with frost or something like that. And now even more I can’t wait to see your next updates:twisted:


She’s looking great… my only concern is her leg and boot area, they both seem a little undefined, to bulbous. You have exceptional detail in her upper body and her cape is beautiful. If you can get that level of clarity and purpose into her pant leg and boot I think you’ll have nailed it!

Beautiful work, looking forward to more updates!


yes, cgkrusty (nice nick :)), you’re absolutely right, i’m not happy with the leg, too… i will continue working on it, when the foot sunk into the snow (boah, my english is bad…)

but your best critique was the SHE. it’s meant to be a HE, harhar. aaaaahh

thanks guys.


Now that’s just way cool…Got a great mix of eastern and western styles. Hair is great, anatomy is fantastic! Very good in general

Can’t wait to see more!
:thumbsup: :buttrock:


today i managed to do a 3d composition of my scene. this will be my FOV and basic lighting setup (more or less - let’s see what happens). a lot of work in front of me, before it looks like the picture in my head …

btw. what does the -3D Challenge- milestone mean, when i submit a new image (i always tried to find a apropriate milestone for my images, like modeling, texturing, etc.)?


thanks keetmun, i like your scene too - i like the combination of ancient and futuristic design (like in final fantasy games for example) - and your scene reminds me of that, too…

wow, i have nearly 30 posts now, i can use a avatar soon :slight_smile:


Wow, Philipp, really cute this snow landscape!

And I would not worry about milestones (but this is only my opinion…), because on the istructions of the contest they were quite serious on the importance of the Work In Progress, saying to submit images frequently and as many as we can…



I wish I was as good as you man. Keep up the work.

How did you evolve into making such nice models and characters?


Hi Maxim…

Good ligth…congratulations!!

you it could rethink the light in mountains most distant!

I think that has more brightness there.



hey maxim i like your character and scene looks good so far, but is see one small problem. that city in the distance is hard to notice, in fact if i wouldn’t see your test render i never knew it is a city. put it closer and add more variations in biulding height, maybe some street could suggest city structure. anyway good work.