Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Philipp Zaufel


Philipp Zaufel has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Final (as long as I don’t find the BAD pixel)


  • FIRST: to the judges: (if this picture will ever be viewed by the judges - what i don’t think, but hope :slight_smile: ) - buy a MOGWAI cd and listen to it with a good hi-fi-system (buy one if you don’t own one) while viewing my image, it’s the music which inspired me most while working on this picture.

  • SECOND: thanks to everyone of those 1.000 people who viewed my thread and especially to them who found it worth investing a few seconds of their life to comment my work, it was really a great experience for me.

  • THIRD: this was not my last challenge, i can’t wait for the next one :slight_smile:

last minute changes possible…


So here I am. New to this forum and new to contests. I liked the theme and I have some nice ideas in my head, so I give it a try. Please - sorry for my English - I’m a native German speaker.

My picture will feature a hero, an alien life form, and an arena-like surrounding. And I’m eager to make it very detailed, so I better get started, hehe …

Good luck to all the others!

Philipp Zaufel


ok - had some time to do a photoshop session.

hmm … it’s not finished, the alien bots have to get finished. the colors are not finished, too… .i want to achieve a blueish and very bright ice planet, with very shiny, metallic and clean robots living in large, clean cities. i want to make just a few colorspots to lead the eye in the final image, mainly warm colors in contrast to the blue… but … it’s a long way …

the guy here by the way is stranded on this planet with his huge ship. he’s powerful and sorcererlike - as a contrast to the robot-army which awaits him…


You titled that as a ‘scribble’?

I wish my finished works would look as nice as your ‘scribbles’. :slight_smile: Very nice composition of an original idea.

I like the idea of magic against technology (Somewhere, about 20 years ago, I read a series of sci-fi books which featured a magic-and-technology mix. Don’t remember anything about them except that I liked them. Your sketch reminded me of this.)

You’ve got real talent. I look forward to the progression of your entry.


nice draw … and very good idea …


Thanks Viridian and Fred76! Aktuall, after haing a look at your entrys, I’m not very happy, because I didn’t model a piece of my scene yet… And after having a fresh look at my drawing today I see it lacks a lot of important things… it shows no scale, no drama and the ship on the right side is to dominant… let’s make an update :slight_smile:


After several different shapes I came up with those two main alien robots. I don’t know exactly if they will fit in my environment, but they look great in my head, shiny in a cold environment, covered with snowflakes, cold and deadly…


Great drawings…The snow landscape is quite difficult to manage; I’ll put your thread in my favourites…I’m really interested…I live in Finland! Thank you…have a nice work.


yes, ago-stino, I know - I don’t fear to model my characters, the ship or the small details in the valley (city, army), nor the background. The snow landscape will be most challenging in my opinion and it’s look will make this image top or flop.

You live in Helsinki? so you already have snow? I would have asked you to send me some pictures, but it’s not necessary I think, we are awaiting the first snowfall soon, too :slight_smile: I see myself making a photosession with icy fingers :slight_smile:


no maxim, we didn’t see any snow yet here in Helsinki…the weather is still really good, sunny days with a constant temperature of 7-8 degrees in the day and 3-4 in the night…:cool:


Wow - I had very much to do in the last weeks, because of a big project at work. But I really want to finish this contest … So here are my next milestones, modeled at 2 evenings. More stuff should follow faster from now on :slight_smile:


Your sketch is a very good piece of painting! and first 3d is a very good piece of modeling:thumbsup:

Very promising start man! I’ll be watching you:twisted:


The first Roboter and its basic shading. The reflections are very basic right now, I had to fake very much because of the lack of environment. I hope this will be better in the finished environment.


And the second one. There are many things I will change at this roboter, but a little bit later. Snow is also just very basic here, I would like to do some SSS for the finished image, let’s see if my computer can handle this :))


I’ll be watching you, too…


6 hours for modeling on the Conductor so far. He will be the conductor of my space opera, the magician who rules over an army of robots of the alien planet. I created him roughly with polygon modeling, rigged him, made a quick pose animation, created the clothes and simulated it, and then began to touch up the result with some more polygon modeling…


Here is the rendered version. I have a big ToDo list for him. I just started with the boots (not the finished version here), the hands and the face will get alot more details and hair is missing. There will be wind from his front, so hair will be blowing like the cape does.


Hi there! great update. hos model is very good. I only don’t like the way the end of his cloth is bended up(this part on the ground). Also the middle of this cloak is too sharp and to much noise is there. The rest is perfect, I especially like his pose.

I’m waiting for more updates:thumbsup:


Hi Philipp,
I like your sculpting skills.
and the design of the drones is really intriguing.
Have a nice work.




I agree with that, great image but those elementshould be tweaked. Maybe only this part in the middle could be corrected by a texture, so maybe there’s no need to tweak the geometry there