Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Petre Octavian Emil


Thanks everyone for posting on my thread .

SEL - some really helpfull C&C - I will keep that in mind when “tuning” my characters . And about the fact that there’s no point in rushing , I can say I am a little woried about finishing this in time ( my scene will contain a lot of characters and a lot of detail in the background )

best luck too all !


My first test on texturing the sky from the scene


Hi Eratrioch,

nice progress you have here… looks really promising. Can`t wait to see the whole scene textured. :arteest:


Another character




Textures on weapons are randomly placed, or do you have a system of mapping? The one on the right looks bad mapped.


Leader character pose test


Darkone : all textures and uvw mapping are still for test . Soon I will post the models with their final textures ( I don’t have a choice , do I ? - I’m in time crisis anyway ) . Thanks for the C&C


Another pose test


soldier - first textures


a composition test


texturing test for the space ship


ishhhhhhhhhhhhhhh very nice texture


Hi, i lke the style of your last ship, it’s veru originally, good work


working on the composition-characters


Building the scene


Wow, this will be a nice work. Models and composition are good, but you have to do something about the object’s recognition:) I mean that everything loos too similar and it’s hard to define where single object is. Maybe add some distance fog and DOF effect.


Still have a lot to do and adjust . Hope I’ll finish in time…


finalizing the composition


before post-effects