Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Petre Octavian Emil


Very interestic and i think very artistic aproach on you theme. I like it …updates :bounce:


Excellent work!
Look forward to seeing with more Steps!:thumbsup:
good luck!


Thanks for your posts people and good luck in your work .
Updates will follow soon .


looks real good
but maby u should add a little more smooth, it looks like u can still se the polys edges…


New update


bafta multa


Ship model - small modifications and smooth test .


The first character that i’m modeling.
Army leader .


Ow! man!! Nice modeling, organics forms with metal, looks like from Alien Movie!! very good!!



Update on the character


Wow! Looks like Gieger Junior has done the modelling ! :twisted: I amreally curious how the textures may look like… :thumbsup:


Working on the warlord


Expecting some C&C


Update on the model


Strange. Distrubing. Surreal.

I like the design your going for. It is at the same time very organic and very tech.


Almost finished the modelling . For now , the materials are just for test .


A scene test .


Soldier from the first army .
Test materials also .


gr8 character man… i dig ur concepts man… keep it up


Hi there,

I have some C&C for you. I see your composition is going to be pretty heavy and detailed. Your character is not proportionate in some areas, I suggest finding a reference. The things I see though are the knees being to low and legs to thin for a guy with a chest his size. The mid area needs to be forshortened as well as the feet need to be longer wider, a little more work thrown in. I always like to texture my model last once modeling is where I want it. Your in no rush to finish as there still is 2 months to go. Ill look for future updates as your ideas are compelling to see what they wiil look like in 3d. Keep those updates coming, hope I helped any.