Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Petre Octavian Emil


Petre Octavian Emil has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Final Image

The final image


Good luck Tavi!!
Looking forward to your work.


thanks for your post and good luck to you too .


My first sketch - my image will show a crucial moment for 2 civilisations at war.
This image I call "Batlle ended before starting " , as the invading army leader defeats the native army’s leader .
I want my final image to look as if it was
serving for social - religious purposes thousands of years after the event actually took place .


I will post some sketches with elements that will compose the scene of the batlle


Another sketch of a temple



Very fresh idea, I like religious twist! Very ambitious concept, good luck!


I will post some 3d WIP baesd on the first
sketches . Meanwhile I will come up with some character design .


and another wip model showing the 3rd sketch concept . Will be back soon with a more comprehensive sketch about the main idea .


3d wip - environment




Wow wow, great concept and great modeling skills.
I`m curious how you will make to suggest that the battle took place many years ago.
Keep it up!! :thumbsup:


Tavi, I didn`t see anything regarding the Space theme!
The first concept sketch is not the entire scene? Or, it is?


A small update to the scene


Thanks for posting Octavian .

Well , I wanted to concentrate on a crucial moment in the history of 2 civilisations . And also , by ‘space opera’ I don’t necessarly understand spaceships and planets only . Even so , the concept sketch is not “complete” . There will be space ships in the scene and the invading army will descend from a huge spaceship (somekind of homeworld for them) .

Further coments are welcome from anyone .


Early concept sketch - the invading army’s
space ship .


WIP on the ship


Nice modelling and nice idea Eratrioch!! Looking foward to your work …
Good luck


Some update on the ship


The model differs from my initial sketch . When I started modeling the ship , I thoght it would look better like this .

Spme comments om it would be welcome .