Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Peter Sanitra


AAAAA!!! this is it, god save us all.

Thanx all for helping me with this challenge.

If you have any comments, come on! there is still time to change it…


this very good update, now, with that environment picture got some depth and meaning. very good

ps. mozme pokecat na icq? 269988187


Hey master! This simple addition(the walls) made this picture worth much more. It has much more emotion now and is more grand. I would only move this wall even more up. The rest is perfect to me. Maybe just this neck could be more visible on the right side, but still, it doesn’t disturb the image. Congratulations my south neighbour and wait calmly for your prize:)


very cool… no crits, excellent work
the eye change is definately much better, before it looked kinda creepy almost staring at the viewer… redirection is working better…

congratutions on crossing the finishing line


Damm, i`m still in it. Always like: Shit this is wrong, have to to correct it, oh, and i forgot to delete this, and, just tweak that specular, and a bit more smoke… and…DAMM. JUST STOP IT!!
Oh, Arthurro, shi… a have forget the neck! Thanx mate…


congrats on completing it mate,i like it a lot ,all the best :slight_smile:


Congratulation mate… that’s very strong… picture… and you too… simply great :thumbsup: Best wishes for this challenge…


Thanx Lemog, i hope your travelers will reach their destination…


congratz mate on finaL!


Thanx Markovicd. Finaly we all can have some rest. Or you are going to another party again , and fall asleep on keyboard?:thumbsup:


you made it!
The freaking guy looks cool
:buttrock: :applause:


Very cool!!! :thumbsup:


Man great Image…lighting textures everyhitng…what was your main method for lighting…the skin on youir warrior looks so life like…you should be proud…plus you entered late…so you should be double proud … :thumbsup:


I have rendered most of the elements separatly, so i have everything under control.It was over 50 layers in photoshop on final image.
And i have used 2 lights for the head plus Gi lightnig and very soft shadows. and rendered with diffrent light positions(maybe 5 images putted togather in PS), And i made a very good 4layer SSS shader for it, so the result is good.
And it was not so late, one month is enough time.

And thanx for all your :thumbsup:


great image Peter !
good luck for the next part…
i wish you the better… :thumbsup:


Somebody have any idea, how long we have wait for the results?


Nepozname sa asi ale aj tak nazdar a drzim Ti palce. Niesom si isty ale hodnotenie moze trvat tak 2-3 mesiace a viac /hodnotenie v komunite vyber medzi rozhodcami atd atd./ Ja som vobec rad ze som to stihol. Uz ma aj znamy stihli zdrbat za chybi tak asi je to v pohode.


Well my friend…usually takes about 2-3 weeks i think to go for public voting and about 2-3 weeks to announce the final results…although this not something i know for sure…i would suggest …go and do soemthing else and forget a bit for the challenge…rest and do something else …my humble opinion always…:slight_smile:

P.S …Very Good work man…i would love to see also a bigger image (the camera showing more and more back to see his body) …meaning after the challenge…Good luck with the voting…


HAHA, guys , im taking 2 weeks holiday on thursday:-)Finaly doing nothing. Im going to ski a relax, eating lot of pizzas, sweets and beer. But i will be watching the challange voting with with one eye…


Glad to see you finally finishing it! Now all of us can relax and do as Dimitri says, forget about the challenge. FLoat away~~~