Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Peter Sanitra


I know exactly know what you mean with the colors. What i will do is finish the background. Try the peeling. And then make maybe 5 best versions of color tunig, and compare them and choose the best. I will propadly post thoes those variations to get some response.
There is still lot to do on the pic, but like for everybody, time is short. I i will not go into so much detail, if the judging will be on low res. My final will be the 1200x600, that realy sucks.


Hi Peter

I would still make the details, if Artur is wrong, you will do this::banghead: , if you didn´t do the details.

At least the jury must vote from the Hi-rez. I think they do…


I have asked moderato “m@” and he sad they will judge from hires. BUT “Leigh” sad on FAQ thread that both - judges and users, will see the same images and vote online(propably lowres)so its not sure. But it is not more important than the idea and whole pic concept. It doesnt matter, i will not win anyway:D .

Or will I?:twisted:

I`m at work now, doing a new family house, grrrr.


so still nothing sure:) and if you wan’t to know my opinion bout your winning… I think that you won’t win. I don’t think that jury will point you as the winner(cgtalkers maybe will), because the scale of event. But because of the extreamly professional realization, big emotions impact and realizm, you should be placed by them among the very top works. I think that for this moment smooth-criminal, DimitrisLiatsos(if he finishes with the spirit of his sketch paintings) are the candidates for the grand prix(but I haven’t seen all of the works), and I have also some candidates for top 10 who may also win:). That is my private opinion. But nevertheless I’m with you and am totally impressed by your work. So good luck.


I know where is my biggest problem. The image, the centre is too much concentrated on the character rather then on the grand size of the theme, the size of universe and worlds unknown. i will try to correct it with the middle and the background.
I know that i will propably not win, but i will be pissed off, if wins somebody, that cant mach my quality of realization. Buts that how things works, the idea is sometimes more important…

And i realy dont like images here with tons of planes, soldiers, creatures. Yes its monumental, its big, its massive, but it is worth it? Most of those who are trying to create images here with lots of polygons, characters etc will not reach what they wanted. Maybe because of time, their skills or whatever. I have taken only a small part of infinite universe, and i have more emotions in the picture that most of us. I love the challenge running in 2D, they are the real artist, im just a guy that can handle software well…, or not?:slight_smile:

I wanted to do my top ten list(without me in it), but im not sure ive seen all. But it can be stupid, people reading it will remember the names…, it can change their votig.


Yeah, I know that most of the people creating big grand pictures(with me in the front line) won’t meet their expectations. It’s easy to imagine a great battle scene(inspired by all the great sf movies or game intros), but to create something like that on your own is hardly possible. I decided to take the challenge and fight with this kind of pictures, but not to iwn something, but to learn something, as I am quite new to CG in compersion with mane here. And For sure my expectations about that are fulfilled:) My first humanoid and first UVW unwrapping are here. And I also will be pissed off if the winner’s work realization level will be much lower than it’s other values.

ps. It’s a good idea to take off a bit focus from the guy! Hope you will manage to do it.

edit: and yes, 2d challenge works are much more artistic and beautiful;) We are perhaps more craftsmen than artists:)


Hi Peter

About our little conflict in virtuosos thread, it was not to stop you commenting his work. I don´t complain about you being honest, I prefer honest people in my thread as well. It had just turned into rudeness, without any constructive adds. And that I hate. There´s a lot of shitty threads in this challenge. To just go into a thread saying: “This sucks”, is in no ones interest. You get me, just a little? But I agree, it´s strange about his view count. It´s not the best presented in this challenge at all. But he does a lot of community interaction, guess that´s why. And that´s importend too…

So, on we go.

Waiting for updates


Interesting concept and good modeling. Somehow reminds me of Chronicles of Riddick


I have placed the fighter in the scene.They will need a lot of postproduction,bullet hits, smoke, disortion, flames, some reflections etc.
I hope no more 3d work on the image. Just photoshop painting, corecting, playing with layers.


As i have just spoted, i have to add some nice highlight and reflection on the bottom of the second fighter. Now the image is more in GSO theme, but it`s more chaotic in composition and is absolut shit in colors. I my god, so much to do, and no time…Do you have the same problem?:slight_smile:


Hello Darkone2652, thanks for visiting my thread! I must say that your work is just… well… insane!!! Very good job! Good luck.


I’d remove the second plane to make it look less “cloned”…


Added clouds, smoke, jet fire, jet trails, and many more…UFF.
I have changed the look of the nice guy, but I dont know if its better or worse…Any idea?

I hope you like it. C&C welcome!


novy look je lepsi, si mylsim. panak je v poho radsej sa sustred na pozadie. cas sa krati a ty to este nemas :smiley: . vravel som ti neposer to. chyba ti len malo, drz sa, je to dobra pracicka :slight_smile:


mrkol som, je to fasa. paci sa mi to dost, celkom si ma inspiroval, mozno po tejto pakarni spravim aj ja cosi podobne. spoteny chlapi v masivnych pancieroch ma strasne rajcuju :)):buttrock:
(robim si prdel, ale pic je naozaj dobry)


No fasa, ale uz tam asi nic nepridam, teda ziadne stroje ani vojakov, proste nestihacka aj keby som xel. A potom by to bolo velmi preplnene(ako tvoje, ja to tak nemam velmi rad). Asi si uz dam len beero a zacnem sa modlit.:slight_smile:


definitaly these eyes are better! they are more dramatic. He looks more scaired. On the previous pictures he looked more certain and concious about what is going on around him. Great changes. Waiting for next moves, nothing to advice, sorry:shrug: maybe only make those trails behind the plane less defined.


i didn’t ment some planes or tanks, but some ground or spacestation or whatever. that orange smudge between smoke from ship and soldier’s hand is just too vague.

(neviem ci nieje pitome, ked sa bavime po nasom, sme sice slovaci ale ostatny nam nerozumeju a je to dost neslusne)


I will make the trails more blurry and diffused to the air at the end.
The only weak spot is right above the arm. Maybe i should add something, to give the feeling of solid ground, horizont in the distance… but what, time is against us all:-) so nothing complex.


ok, i here are some of objects im using too, just for you to be sure its 3d.