Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Peter Sanitra


Those are my thoughts as well.Plus the face textures are’nt selling me either.Kinda on the crappy side,flat and dull.You gotta show some BG too,maybe not space,but some environment or sky backdrop.Open the scene up some.


Maybe the faces doest look great from the distance, by if you are viewing the image at higher resolution, you will be impressed by its detail.

I will check if im in the theme. I had send questions to moderators..., i hope that i will get some answers soon. And have some spaceships models done, but they doest fit the scene well, if they are in the background.

hey Kragh, thanks for the comments. What colors do you recommend?


just a hot thoughts…

  1. Wet drops on the faces coming down.
  2. I would make some dissapearing hair on the border between the heads. It would breake a bit a rather hard and visible border(If you wanted such an effect then it’s ok, but I think that it could look good with dissapearing hair)
  3. Maybe some gently blueish light comeing from the upper right cornar and lighting the guy from the back a bit…?
  4. remember about the neck

if you have time try it, if not, it’s still fantastic:)


The drops are there! and they are fantastic, you just can`t see them, becouse the resolution is soooo low.

I will have only time at weekend(and maybe a 1-2 hours today and tomorow), and that are the last two days for the challenge too…

and i have corrected the neck shadow, i just did not post it yet.

update this evening…(with drops close look, and link to hires pic)


Looking at your post of just the zbrush image I still don’t think the wrinkles are exaggerated enough. The screaming head doesn’t look like there is an internal skull structure inside. The entire form is to soft. The skin on both heads don’t look they are being pulled or stressed at all.
If you can make these changes it would definitely give this image more grounding in reality.


I have to solve the background problem first, and if there`s time left, i can do the head again.


Here is the face render detail as i promises.


Finaly a have decided to place 2 fighter planes in the middle plan.
They are just a models now, i have to do the texturing, lightning should be ok.

i will place smoke behind them and do some damage on the wings.
The rest is photoshop work.


yes those fighters do break up the image nocely…perhaps add some smoke trail from their wings making theme the one’s firing the missles and causing the explosion ???


L take that back in looking a t it longer I think that extra smoke trails from the ships may clash with those comming from the explosion area… :shrug:


Hi Peter

Nice update, glad to see some fighters in back, seems promissing.

You asked for my opinion on the lighting colors for the faces. Did a touch up in photo shop, to show you, how much more yellow/red, i thing the faces should be, due to the colors of the explosion. Feel free to diagree, this is just my opinion. Also couldn´t help myself from peeling a little of the skin backwards on the mutant face on forehead…sorry for messing up your image:)

Here it is:


Thanx Kragh,your c&c are welcome. The skin peeling is very good, i cad try to do it 3d in hi resolution, i hope i can make it in time. i have to finish the fighters first.
The coloring is not too bad, but in hi resolution you will have big overexposed areas, like forheads are copletly wasted. You have to be more gently, to these king of corections.

Essencedesign: just a little smoke behind the fighters, it will be more like disortion from mass of hot air.


I think that one of the fighters could be falling down with some fire/smoke from the engines or something. I htink it would fit more to the mood of the picture. The wet drops are amazing, but take under consideration that jury and we will watch on-line pictures. On the whole picture those drops are not seen.


But the final picture will be at higher resolution, my final is 2000x1000 pixel.And that face detail picture is a region on that resolution. And if the judges will see picture online, it will be still on final resolution(they will see my pic on 2000x1000pixels). OR NOT??so they will see that details.OR NOT?


Pictures judged by the jury and by us are the pictures that you upload here. So max. 1024x1280 or 1280x1024 ans 150KB. I asked about it because I must use some low poly objects in the background battle and in high res(2657x3636) it would be noticeable and won’t look good, they aswered that high res file won’t be judged or even seen by the jury. It’s only for printing purposes. If I’m wrong please correct me, but I understood t that way.


looks like you have taken all my crits…oh wait …you didnt even say thanks …forget the changes…
well it looks ok :shrug:



UFF, that`s a big change for me. Like most of my face details will be gone. thats sucks. I will better mail to some of the moderators and ask them too.
Maybe i will be ok on 1200, and my jpg quality should be ok, because my image is not 4:3 so i can setup higher quality then users using 4:3 format and still fit into 150KB

jdsb: Thanx a lot mate.


Yeah I know it sucks:) but if you get other answer, please let me know it as well:)


OK, i let you know, no matter the answer.


Hi Peter

I know there is some overexposed areas on my example, you shouldn´t aim for that. It was just to show you my view on the colors, but was hard to not get these white areas, during the color correction phase. But you should be able to make it without, and I think “my” colors makes the character(s) blend more well into the background. I also thought, that the final judging would be on the Hi-rez image, little disappointed to hear this. Not that I will upload any final image for this challenge, but I might join another in future. What´s the point in making all these details, if people will not be able to judge from them??? I hope Artur is wrong, or that they´ll change that fast!

About the peeling, there should be little flames and smoke as well, around the damage face area, to really get this effect. Didn´t have time to make that effect, but would improve…

But not much time left, so maybe you should just concentrate on the fighters, the peeling effect is just a minor detail, which isn´t that importend.

Good luck with it, you´re doing a fine job:)