Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Peter Sanitra


I use z-depth is this way: copy the layer of you render and paste it above with gaussian blur. One layer with gently blur, a second one wth a bit stronger. Then use your inverted z-depth image as a mask. Play with contrast and lighting/opacity of the masks to get what you want:) It’s also good for a quick and controlled fig, you just use z-depth as a mask over of the white(or whatever color combination) layer.


Thanx Arturro. Usualy i use X-dox 2,but somethimes you just need to tweak it yourself.


Incredible work! This should be awarded! One comment; I really liked the version in which the rockets and smoke were more visible!




Thanx Jarvetu. Im playing now a lot with the coloring and exposure. The one with the rocket was more exposed, so the lightning and the speculars were more dominant(i like that too). I have removed the rocket smoke, because i want to make it more detailed, and push it more to the back. Im addind a lot of derbis now, and the i will find a good place for the rocket.


yes, nice work indeed, a bit too much painting for a 3d work, but thats just my taste (try different camera angle, hahahaa)

a suggestion: when i first looked at the scene i saw a second marine in the middleground, near the hot spot (explosion?) with a blown-off head, blood spreading out of his armor to the right side… perhaps a idea?

your question regarding DOF:
quick tut:

if you want to buy a great plugin, search for LENSCARE by FRISCHLUFT. we use it in our company, it’s simply the best 2d DOF plugin for photoshop and AE.



Thanx for the link, and i will definetly try that head of idea, just a test, if another marine fits the scene.


caf, good progress, i have only one crit:you don’t spread fingers on hand when you point on something.


Awesome progress! :thumbsup:


Really cool image, but I would say it fits into a Warhammer 40K theme more then it would in a Space Opera theme. Nice touch with the smoke entrails.


It starts to go crazy. My photoshop file for composition has over 250 MB with more the 30 layer. Time is tight, and that fu… windows always crashing down. Blue screen in win XP, that`s crazy. Hopefully the main pdf file will survive…


I have added a lot of derbis flying around, dust, ash, stones ets.
And have made the image warmer.
What i don`t like is that the forehead is overexposed,and also the rocket flame is too bright(easy to correct)
I also added glow to the shoulder armor edge.
What i have to do is improve the shadows below the heads. And try a few more color variations, and many many more…


Well, you made all the points that should be changed a bit;) so I can only wait for next move:twisted:


Maybe the good head is a bit out of scene with the direction the eyes are looking.
I will try that to do scary eyes look also on the right head.


I think the heads are ok, you can only show more neck of the good head.


Yes, it will be better to have it more curved, its very straight now. and show more of the neck. Thanx, i try. But in the evening. Im at work now. Right now i`m designing completly new house in Cork city(currently working for an architect in Ireland)


Looks great to me!!

I would just add a little yellow on the left head (his righthead) and arm to make it more blend with the background.

Nice work! :thumbsup:


I would exaggerate the distressed skin on the head further, because I’m not being sold on the mutation effect as it stands now.


looks good but i dont think it looks like a grand space opera just yet,i mean theres a very good looking character and some atmosphirics for the background,would be nice to see some environment and a horizon so that the viewer can estimate the scale of the scene atleast.


Hi Peter

Looks like we hate making houses, both of us…hehe

About your image:

  1. Very skilled texturing, I still don´t understand the way you maked the face textures. This is mainly because I´m not a texture guy myself, mainly into modelling. But you impress me that´s for sure…
  2. Was very impressed by the details in the faces at first. Hadn´t looked into z-brush until a few days ago. After watching some modelling videos about z-brush teckniques, I suddenly understood your fastness. Still impressed though, just not dropping my jaw anymore…:slight_smile:
  3. Lightning seems ok, but as already mentioned, doesn´t fit the background colorscheme. Think you should really tweak the lightning alot against yellow/red tones. Also would make the lightning more interesting. Right now the lightning is almost like a very sunny day. And with the skills you present here, you can do better than that. But it´s a matter of taste, so it´s your call in the end.
  4. Great smoke trail behind the rocket, very realistic. Again some color issues, as smoke also takes some colors from the surrounding lighting. In this case a huge blast.
  5. Love the smoke starting to produce from the armor. As iron is a lot more solid than flesh, I think you should damage your heads a little more. Would love to see the mutants skin starting to peel off, away from the blast. Maybe too much “horror-movie” in this suggestion, but would be a little more realistic:)

Overall, very nice image, still lots to do in my opinion. Your biggest problem at the time;
Where is the space opera presented?
Actually there are no elements of space in this image at all. Very futuristic, but no space…
Would hate to see this being disqualified before final judging, for not fitting the original challenge concept.
The impossible solution: You now have 4 days to make a spaceship being ripped apart in background by the blast(like the houses you see in nuclear blast movies). Would look great. And would remove the problem; No space…

Hope you find time to finish this.

For building borring houses: :beer:


Hi again

As I was writing the previous post, I somehow had the image of much more color neutral smoke behind the rocket. That was not the case, after rewatching your image.
Forget about last part of comment no. four in previous post!