Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Peter Sanitra


Ok, thanx mo-si, nice to hear ya. both faces will be covered with blood, no bother.
Teeths are to big, i will correct that. I`m working on the arm right now.


I have added the arm, but he hand is still missing. No problem, i will finish the hand today.
Ive tryed to push the emotion to the limit, with scary eye look and arm forward with open palm and stretched finger(soon). The destruction will come soon from the left. The finger armor will start to heat and burn(smoke around fingers will go to the right. Massive wave of destruction. One half try to resist(the bad), the second, have wet eyes, start to sweat and cry. Thats the idea. DOUBLE HEAD-DOUBLE MIND- DOUBLE FEELINGS, but ONE DEATH:-)


pekne pekne, jedna vec ma trochu trapi: hrajkas sa z panakom a uzavierka je za par dni
ak odflinkas pozadie bude to fakt skoda. skus popracovat na enviromente nech tam je riadny
epik. ale inac pekne pekne


Level of realism is impressing. Great work my south neighbour:) I would only work a bit on the teeth. I agree that they look too masive, too big.


Fu… , currently a have fu… problems with max. Its always crashing down, i cant finish the hand render, i think it is an brazil problem, beause it`s ok when rendering with scanline.


The light on the face bothers me a bit, being much too flat. Orange rim light at the top-left edge would not harm either.


I will do all the color tweaks and the end as postproduction in photoshop.


i really like this char. reminds me the good old days in warhammer 40k. looks really like an “chaos space marine”. keep it up


ok what you model so far is excellent but the colors are totally off
first a chaos marine as long my memory serves me has much more darker colors not so much red on them and second when an explosion goes of right next to you have a very bright edge light around you a falloff in simple words, I don’t want to be the mean guy here but something’s you have to tell for the good of the project

oh and the work in your website is very good:thumbsup:


HI Peter , how you learn texturing ?.. (so , this is great!):bounce:
give me some links … ;):p:cool:
i love your web site , but i don’t found any tutorials…
so i waiting for master…:thumbsup:


this problem don’t exist whith Maya 6… choose your way man…


Thanx for you comments and support, i will do my best to find the right color setup, that will be good for the explosion light and also for the feeling of the scene.

I have learned z-brush myself, just from the program help and one pdf. It`s all just practice.
When texturing, first i create a basic color setup for the face. The i prepare myself texture maps in photoshop, like basic skin, skin with wrinkles, skin spores, hair etc. Then i use projection master and stamp tool to transfer the prepared textures on the surface.

And, i`m learning maya in freetime, max is getting worse and worse with each version, and maya and XSI are real power packs.


thank’s a lot Peter for information about texturing , i have to learn many many thing about this , so as you said , the solution is practice…
i wish you a good race end…:thumbsup:
Good luck!:bounce::bounce::bounce::buttrock:


No bother man. if you wanna learn more abot the Z-brush, just visit zbrushcental offten, or write me a mail with questions.


This is looking great, my only suggestion is that the lighting on the warrior doesn’t look like the same lighting for the background. Hence making it look to seperated.

Great work thought, you have some very good stuff on your web site as well.



hi,really Cool! almost kiilll me.:buttrock: ,good!and I really like the men open the mouth.It’s so powerful .


Ok, i`m getting there, hand is finished.
Maybe the hand gesture is overexposed, with finger too high, but that can be corrected in minute just re-rendering tha hand layer.
I gave a bit more colder feeling to the right side and the shadows, so it is in contrast with the background, and the smoke is much better. I have also placed some smoke on hand, but i think is not good enough.not now:-). I will add some sparcles and dust, tiny things, pieces of wood, metal and earth flying around, so the character is more INSIDE the scene.

Im not much into the idea of putting something to the background, like fighters, tanks, dropships. Lot of scenes in this challange are full of everytning, too much objects, and then its very chaotic.
But i need something that will more specify my scene, so you know what`s EXACTLY going on…


As the hand is concerned I would put the pointing finger down a bit, the rest three up a bit, and a thumb more to the left:) So that the hand is “open”. And as the background is concerned I like it as it is. When you add all the stuff you wrote it will be perfect.


ok, i will change the hand pose a bit.


Does somebody here have an idea how to make depth of field effect in photoshop with z-depth map of scene rendered in max.:wise: