Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Peter Sanitra


cau slovacisko! :thumbsup: chaos marine vyzera husto musim povedat, paci sa mi jeho “rozdvojena osobnost”. aj ked to vyzera skvele neodpustim si male pripomienky:

  • je to nebezpecne blizko dizajnu w40k, neviem ci z toho nebudes mat zbytocne problemy, xcem povedat ze neodporucaju pouzivat dizajn uz existujucich svetov a toto by ta mohlo zbytocne dikvalifikovat alebo co. mozno len zmena panciera spravi svoje
  • pancier by mal byt oskrabany aj na hranach nielen na ploche, teraz to vyzera ako kamuflaz
  • mozno by sa hodilo keby si mu na hlavu namontoval dake “implantaty” aby vznikol pocit ze hlava patri k pancieru, mozno len do ucha akesi kable…(ludia menej oboznameny s problematikou spacemarines maju niejedy pocit ze je to len hlava polozena na sustruh)

velmi sa mi to zatial pozdava kedze som fanusik heavyspacemarine, drzim ti palce, neposer to!
BTW: na slovenskych forach sa nevyskytujem, celkovo na ziadnych forach ma akosi nevidno, len velmi sporadicky cosi dakde trepnem, som taky tichy typek :smiley:


Dakujem za obsiahli komentar. Teraz ta textura vyzera ako kamuflaz, ale ked sa to vyrenderuje a spravi postrodukcia(co uz mam tak to vobec nevidno. A skusim to opotrebovanie na hranach, to bude urcite dobre)
S tou originalitou to moze byt problem, to je fakt. Ale ak ano, nevadi, aspon mam super obrazok do zbierky.


looking great dude

that face texture looks crazy - I’m suprised zbrush doesn’t order the texture map in a way that’s more recognisable…

keep it up


ok. I need some serious comments.

This is a base picture of postroduction of the marine. The background is not finished yet, its only a simply photoshop paint. The rocket trail needs to be more detailed and so on... Im missing the middle plan competly now(dropships or some APCs), i have only front and back.

need comments on: Colors, expressions, lightning, textures. Overall?
Do you see any serious mistakes on the image???!!

The final image will be more wider, with action in middle plan.



the image is turning out to be fantastic:thumbsup:!since the image is going to be wider then its ok.maybe u could try adding some veins to give the anger more effect! how about adding some sweat?, but anyway wow!:slight_smile:


Great idea that veins and sweat!!! I`m starting to work on it right now.


Hi man.

The picture is looking great, but I have some ideas, and critiques. First of all, that scene is very empty. It looks like some portrait. Add some terrain, maybe some vehicles.

Also I have problem with exppresion of the marine. Why he is looking towards the camera?? He isnt interested on battlefield?? And even the heads are both very solid. I think, that the “Angry” should look like ghost.

Keep working man…


There will be a right hand showing to the left side of the image, gesture ATTACK!!!
OK, i can try a different look. But what i want is to have the character a bit more double personality. one saying ATTACK(the ugly face), another: oh, shit, again…(normal face)


very dynamik so far…I feel though that the marine is not “part” of the story unfolding in the background…maybe add more oranges to the lighting falling on his face as the explosion has more orange hues ??


I have to do something with the background to fit it with the body. We will see when the back is finished.


great textures and model!

My only suggestion had to do with lighting but since your background is FPO is hard to comment on it since it’ll change. Anyways I thought the image can improve if you add a couple of subtle colored lights poiting to your character to enhance the explosion on the left side.


I have to wait for the final background, and then tweak the lightning


It will be very hot there;-)I added some sweat drops on the face.


Yeah that is wild, gotta love that 3Dmax I learned to model in gmax but you can’t render or export with it so I found Anim8or which can do a lot.
And its royalty free and free for all but I would dearly love to own 3dmax and the workstation to run it.
Good Luck.
I started early I’m just finishing up on stuff,finalizing the ideals and final image concept.


ok, i have enough. Zzzzzz…


the low toohts is :scream:too big ! lot of work on it!


Wow that is twisted… Looks psycho cool. Keep at it Peter!


Pekny pic. Vojak ma 2 hlavy? Ak ano, tak su neprirodzene spojene (myslim)!
Dym iduci s dier po gulkach sa taha velmi dlho. Dym by sa podla mna mal rozplynut skor.
Vojak ma znacne skrvavene a zaspinene brnenie a preto by podla mna mali byt zaspinene a zakrvavene obe hlavy a nielen jedna!
To je asi vsetko! ZATIAL! :wink:


thanx for comments. I wil try to fix it as soon as possible.


hey mann reallly looking good here! i like his teeth! :smiley: