Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Peter Sanitra


Hi peter…Just stopping by to say you have an eerie and dark premise here…But effective.Nice job on the textures,and the overall modeling thus far.Your concept is pretty wild.Looking good,and I hope to see you reach the final as planned,All the best to you.I’ll check back later…:arteest:


This is a light setup for render of the head. rendered with final light setup and without textures and shader.
I`ve decided to render the head separatly in z-brush and the armor and the rest in max, and put it together in postroduction.


Textured armor and the head in max viewport with light coming from the left, after explosion.


This is the texture for color map, done in photoshop. It`s not a new shiny armor.

I`s an armor after many battles, worn, old, dirty , rusty and bloody.


that’s amazing texturing! Am looking forward to seeing the background now. Good luck. :thumbsup: Claireabella


what to say… damn, you’re good:) only don’t forget to add some dirt and blood on the swords in his back.


Currently im working on the background image. Explosion and rockets flying around. Im not going into too much detail in texturing modeling, because i can easy loose time. I leave details for postproduction and photoshop hand painted work( bullet holes, sparks, correct colors, etc…


i think we sturred up some action here

yeah nice armor, i can perfectly understand the AUV u just can’t paint it, what if you take it into max apply another uvmap (cylindrical let’s say) and then use texporter. unfortunately i don’t have max here, but maybe tomorrow i will have a working method (step by step that is)
also u can use texture baking but to another uv channel

are u following me?

this will produce a map that is more “paintable”

what do u think?


I`ve never tryed it this way. But what i know, if i apply any uv map type or UWV this will change my mapping coordinates so the texture will not be mapped correctly = uselless. This is not the way.

But i can see a little chance in baking the texture into the model somehow, like to do the texture topology and model based, not mapping based. Then do the new mapping and recalculate the texture from the model to the new mapping. But ive never heard of samebody doingt this way. Probably it can`t be done at all.

If somebody now how to do this…
i think that the texture is ok now, it`s just for the next time… ya never know.


No using another channel number doesn’t wreck the uvs that’s the point of different channels


texture baking works for sure.

i’ll try tonight with texporter
i’ve done it before,but it took me 2-3 times to get it right and i don’t remember it by heart


i’m using the same method as u for decals and color correction
post in photoshop
there is no need to bother for one still
that was what the vines were, showing of what u can do in three minutes, just photoshop

(plus if u remember which vines i’m talking about it means it made an impretion)


aha, i didn`t know about the diff. channels, thanks.I will try it too…

And sure i rememer the vines. That`s the way we do it…:slight_smile:
Why worry for single shot. But anyway, we have combustion and After effect for anim postroduction too…


thats true

afterfx rules (i made a shark documentary for my school once “flying jaws”) all sea look noise, plagton, ripples, color balance everything in post. in some shots even fake caustics composited on top ( i have some screens on my site)…


i started zbrushing a 4 armed alien last night, i think i’m going to add him to the comp, probably clutching 1-2 marines


space marines attack!!

or as one of my friends always quotes: “yes!!massster!!.. grant us the powers of the Chaos and …we will serve!!” and cause mayhem


Im a fuc.... chaos marines fanatic too!!! thats why this two head got.

I`m working with combusion only, never tryed AFX, but i think they can do the same…

do you ever used stencils for z-brush modeling? i don`t.


No don’t use stencils

make a simple model in max and then add detail in zbrush…(muscle toning, wrinkles, veins(not vines)
sometimes use z spheres, but i hate the geometry they produce, nice looking but not really editable outside zbrush, i always have problems with soft selection when i do it via zspheres

i can’t work with reference in zbrush, so when i want something to be completely the way it’s drawn (not my idea, somebody elses sketch or something) i have to use max, plus i can model quite fast in max so no problem there…


“hope is the first step on the way to dissapointment”…

my marine was going to look more like a space marine, but as i was sketching i added the blades, and then i decided to go for a more stylized look, thus the curves

still space marines, chaos marines and the whole warhammer 40k universe rulez

the dark lord orders us, we obey… yes master


yeah i used combustion too but the layout of after seems more natural to me

combustion has lots of particle libraries and more blending modes, i just feel more at home in afterfx, maybe experience in photoshop is to blame



A deeper idea. We are creating illusions here, of worlds never seen, characters never able to met. We are creating visions for all the people, we are creating the sci-fi. All people imaginatios of cretures, spaceships, of whole worlds are based on our works, on works of 2D and 3D artists…
It`s nice to know, that maybe a 7 year old boy will be scared of marines for next 5 year becouse saw my image.:slight_smile:


Really nice modelling, don’t know too much about zbrush but what I’ve seen around here makes me want to look into it further.

Texturing is great, very detailed and realistic work there. Looking forward to seeing the background with the foreground character.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this for the last few days of the challenge, please finish it, I want to see it come the 17th


No problemo, i will finish it.

first composed images with few postproduction this evening.


ok, so not today. i`m going to bed… uaaaaaa.