Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Peter Sanitra


Awsome image you have made there :thumbsup: good work !

Best of luck to you.


I think that I really miss your entry until now… :eek: amazing work really congrats !!!




yes, lot of people have not see this entry at all:shrug:

And don`t like that the rulez have been changed. Many people have ended the challenge sooner because they think the will not make it before 17…


Whoa… that is an awesome final image. Very impressed. Congratulations and good luck! :bounce: Cliareabella


Thanx, i`m gonna need it


hi Darkone2652 !:slight_smile: dropping by again to congratulate u on ur exellent show of work here! its amazing …wish u good luck as always…:thumbsup::thumbsup:


Peter, youve doone a cool work. A really dynamic, dramatic and iconic image. The central character is amazing. Youre right, your textures are nice and well donne.
This is a cool cool entry.
Congrats mate!! :thumbsup:


Wow that came out smashingly twisted, literally, hehe, I know I am corny and lack any sense of humor. Anyway, great work Peter. GL in the final judging.


I thought that I saw man who wrote unreal tutorial somewhere. Is it skin work or mesh?


in4m3d : Is it skin work or mesh?

It`s textured hires poly model. See 1st page of thread.



I’m really amazed by your work. Cool job with zbrush on that face(s), and also on the rest of the scene, actually. I didn’t follow this thread (my big fault, sorry) but I read it now. Really a good work. Congratulations.





I was offline a week and now im back, and after reading latest news im pretty pissed of.
The 30 aka 15 for 3d voting system is realy bad.
Maybe judges like to vote for the picture users dont, and we even dont give them the option to see all pics.
After the original deadline on 17.2. there were only 80 pictures inside 3d category , now after all the changes there are 130!!


They did that because the server was having problems and became “overloaded” with all the people submiting entries on the last day (although that caused several people to take advantage of that extra time to finish their entries…)

BTW, I think your image is technically well done, but I just find it a little “extreme” (however, thats just my own personal opinion and doesn’t mean it’s bad). Good job. :slight_smile:


I think that everybody is responsible for his work, and schedule time is very importrant. Everbody knows that the server is busy on last day of challange. So why people don`t post their images more clever way - day or two days before end… and save all the troubles, themself and also the administrators of the cgtalk.


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