Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Peter Sanitra


Peter Sanitra has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Final image. now i`m starting to pray…:wink:

AAAAA!!! this is it, god save us all.

Thanx all for helping me with this challenge.

If you have any comments, come on! there is still time to change it…


So, i`m in…


I`m just starting to do the modeling.
I will join these 2 heads modeled in Z-brush.


Good start so far, keep it up! Any chance to see a composition image? Whats the story?


heads connected


I`ve used z-brush for detailing the base polygonal are some viewport screens


I hope this threads starts to be interesting… Come on some reply…

Currently i`m working on armor wor this guy.
The whole picture will be a battle scene od marines invasion:

  1. FRONT this double head chaos space marine in damaged battle armor
  2. MIDDLE dropship , opened doors, marines coming out…
  3. BACK battle field backgroung(3d+2d work)


damn good Model… i Like it…:thumbsup:


Ive done the texturing for the heads. The one on the right is normal healthy head, but the second is bad, and deformed, it have some skin disease, and doest look ok at all:-)


i`ve setup the pose with the teeths and tryed a variety of shaders, this is still an viewport shot


amazing, just amazing! this last viewport screenshot looks more realistic than most of the works here:) congratulations. I would like to know the idea behind it. I’m very curious.


You will see, you will very soon…:twisted:


thats incredible texturing u got there !! like to see a render on that! incredible work. so waiting for those ideas like arturro :eek:!


Head skin render shader test. 4 layer sss shader ;-)VERY nice!!
It need some tweaks on ears. eyes will be rendered sep. and added via layers, so sorry for the holes;-)


im still not happy with the shading, Im trying render 5-10 difrent shader setting and compare them to get the best result. While rendering, i`m working on armor texturing.


Great textures and materials! :thumbsup:


i dont know whats going on with people, they are not interested in my thread. This contest is also for the users, i want to interact, but i have only a little response. Maybe they will be more interested if i post the shader …


very cool… it looks very real
nice textures and modelling


I have serious problem with my computer. I see blue crash screen in windows XP every 3-4 hours. this is crazy. I have to go back to 2000 PRO after this contest.
Maybe its becouse im running Max, photoshop z-brush at once …:slight_smile:


I like your work
Modelling and rendering is great (the textures must be huge)
it has the detail, but we all want to know the concept

i think a reason for no interaction might be lack of posts and maybe the fact that the link i followed to your thread was a quite arrogant one… in cgtalk people appreciate modesty, i only came to see if u had the skills you bragged about…

zbrush is cool, if you can draw well(or sculpt) it’s so easy

also when somebody posts a reply, answer even if you think they might not read it…

anyways i like it, does it have a body? when will we see armor
and what about a concept sketch