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Peter Pau has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Modeling: Horse Beta 1

Horse Beta 1. nothing more to say that. hair and tail will be put before final reander. and biotech stuff too.

/P .


[size=2]Hurio is a dimension that we can’t even imagine, where languages and nations melt together, where there is nothing to fear because we are all equal, where the planet is surrounded by three suns which gives warmth so things can grow during the whole year. Hurio is a monarchy, it has a king and queen, and the story tells us that this is what we humans call Utopia.

Everything was so peaceful one day when the princess Lotus was playing with her flowers which she adored more than anything. She had her bodyguard by her side that day. Her mother and father were expecting her on the porch to give her a new gift. She came running into the room, just to see her parents when

A sudden explosion. The pain in Lotus ears made her fall to the ground. And suddenly everything was silent. The only thing she could hear was her own heartbeats.

Lotuses eyes were still shut, her mind was focused on the big blast she had heard. She was too afraid to open her eyes. While she was lying down she got a sense that somebody or something was approaching, she could hear something almost like an animal and something else almost as if it was floating over the room. She felt fear in her heart. What had happened?! Where were her bodyguard and her King Father and Queen Mother?

Lotus heard a voice saying to her. “-Stand up Queen of Hurio!” She hesitated for a second and said: "-Queen? My mother is the queen, not me. "The voice continued "-Not anymore, now you are the ruler and Queen of Hurio, either you want it or not. "She slowly started to open her eyes, the first thing she saw were big legs and hoofs from a horse, and then a big black figure of a man standing in front of her. She noticed that the horse wasn’t a normal horse and that the man wasn’t human, because they have both many mechanical parts.

While she had her eyes half way opened she asked the man: “-Who are you? And where do you come from?” The man said “-Many nations call me different names, but I am formally known as Death.”

She opened her eyes fully and could not avoid looking out over the kingdom. And she thought to herself. "It was not possible! A war had begun! , but who was the enemy? The only things she saw where the battleships and defencesystem from Hurio’s kingdom, that where striking and bombing the whole nation horribly. “We have not had any wars ever and no perception of it either.”

She stood paralyzed and stared out against the devastation that began withering away, she slowly turns her face against Death.

Death said.

“-Queen of Hurio, I have come in order to retrieve what belongs to me, but I got astonished by your beauty, so today, in this day I will make an exception, I will give you the possibility to be reconciled with me.” Death puts his hand in his black coat and reached a beautiful watch in front of her. The watch is made of bones, gold and emeralds.

Death continued to say “-Time is always time, because I am time, the quest will be through time.” Death stretched his other hand towards the horizon and showed her a path, and said “-That hourglass in the horizon is made by foreign souls, you have time until the hourglass is empty, if you make it I will restore your kingdom and all of the fallen souls in it again, however the price that you must pay if you make it is to become the Queen of my kingdom.”

Lotus asked:

“-But if I don’t make it, what will happened then?”

Death answered:

“-Then time will continue as if we never met”

Lotus looks over the horizon and sees Death’s men standing along the path to the hourglass and she turns her face against the horse in the room and then she looks at Death and gives the answer that is…



Just wanted to illustrate the rings that sourounds the kingdoms, this are buildings on the rings on both side upwards and downwards… i im nut sure how exactly the buildings would look like yet, but in the middle of the rings there would be floating mountains will illustrate that next.



Welcome to the challenge,
Hope to see more your concepts.:thumbsup:


Here i would like to illustrate the “floating” mountains of Hurio,
as you can se they are floatings thanks
to the Jets under it. the Hole nations is traveling and moving throue space this way. (By the jets) i will expalin how its all connected in a later illustrations. but this mountains does float inside (the big rings) illustrated above.



Thanks Adel3d :slight_smile: , i will check out your challange posts too :slight_smile:



Very nice concept and sketches - good luck!


Okey here we go with the concept for the castle where the whole scene takes place.



Cool story and the concepts look really promising! Can’t wait to see ot in the 3rd dimension lol :slight_smile:


Gunilla and Borro thanks to you both. i will need that luck i think. its good we all started this early in this challenge, last time i started when there was only 1 mont left in the challenge. i though i would make it in time but i didnt there is always somthing in the way. so i wish you 2 the best luck too :thumbsup: :slight_smile:



Very nice concept with a fully fleshed out story, that works really well. I envy you that you have this story set out behind you already, it will make things much more together i think. Concepts are looking great, the whole design is coming together really nicely. Be good to see this one!



Hi DavyBrown, nice you look my work.
i will try to make more scetches and more detailed work plans of how things will be build this
week. i think it important to know what to do and not to do. maybe there will be some minor changes to some stuff not sure yet. but i think i will start to modell up things on this monday that comes. i will check out your entry now :slight_smile:

have fun! :slight_smile:



Hi there! I love your sketches! They all have vaey unique mood. As I see from them, there’s lots of work before you:) And if you achieve a mood from your paintings in 3d, you will ROCK:buttrock:
good luck!


Okey time for illustraing Death in the scene. will illustrate more of his face later. next scetch will be Lotus the prinsess.


I like the sketches of the ring of Horio. I look forward to the modeling!


Hi nice that you like my scetches :slight_smile: or as they say in Polish (Djenkoje) yes i know, there will be much work. but it will be a personal challenge too, to make it in time, i wish you best luck in the contest we all will need it :slight_smile:

MoonSoon: thanks.

will check out your guys concepts right away.



Well looks like we have found one another here in this massive filled challenge of entries…very nice designs and flare to your art.I will keep an eye out for further progress,and look forward to what’s next.Best to you peter…:arteest:


great story and concepts are sweet but i cant help but think it will be a challenge to do the idea justice in just one image - you’ve got your work cut out =)

anyway good luck cant wait to see what you come up with


Michel:thanks i am looking forward to se what you come up with too :slight_smile:
you came up with a nice pice of art in the last challenge, so i better watch out :scream: .

John :
thanks, i have thinking about that too. i must find a good angle for this shoot,
i will try my best to fit in all the stuff. there is much of time left.



Wow, man, awesome sketches and plot alike.
I´m pretty exciting what comes next…


See this one: