Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Peter Clevestig


Peter… for a next challenge… :wip: anyway congrats for your work it’s really interesting and I hope I can see it finished a day… hope to see you soon…



Hi guy’s,

As you may see, I never got around to completing my challenge. During Christmas, my wife and I went through a very rough event and two weeks later, we moved to our new home, where I have yet to get an internet connection. So, I have had no will, nor any capability to complete it, despite the fact that I gotten quite far in a short time.

Despite that the challenge is over, I’ll get the thing done and post it in the gallery forum, I owe you all that at least. I have followed your suggestions and I have a new ship design for the small crafts. I just have to solve the “Not enough memory” issue in Cinema before I can complete the render , and complete the second smoke trail, and then it should be done.

Anyway, thank you ALL for your wonderful support and encouragements, and my apologies if I have not yet commented on your submissions, which I will as I want to vote and give my thoughts.

Best regards,



No worries, Peter, take the time you need and if you don’t have any inspiration you are in good company :wink:

Looking forward to the finished image!



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