Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Peter Clevestig


Yes a good idea…Just in case you forgot Peter dont forget that in the end these will be seen as very large shots…way beyond most screens/monitors,so these details will pay off…I do think the particles will draw the viewers to it without doubt,thats always a great trick…Keep it going strong,looking sharp…:arteest:


Thanks Michael :beer:


Peter, glad to see you’re making use of image-based lighting for this. It’s an excellent bit of modeling and I love how you’ve managed to generate what looks like endless suburban sprawl with displacement mapping – a tremendously clever idea. A couple of small points, which you’ll probably get around to doing something about in the near future:

  1. The blast from the thrusters isn’t providing any additional illumination to the lower front part of the ship, but I think it would.

  2. You’ll probably want to do something (maybe in Photoshop) to give a “rippled air” effect near the thrusters.

Anyway, this is shaping up to be a very nice piece of work – and with over seventy days left in the contest, you’ve got plenty of time to really sweat the fine details! Best of luck!


You are fast Peter!
Excellent work on this project!I was wondering how the pic would be if you create more contrast in the scene and darken the image a lil bit to create a more dramatic feeling.
Just a suggestion tho!:thumbsup:


:drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: …and in case i forgot to describe how i feel about the mood in your scene … :drool:

EDIT: Although i am not a Cinema4D man… i think your hypegraph is pretty understandable and educating…most interesting !


Gret sky how did you do that
some kind of picture and HDRi
or what :thumbsup:

See this>



nuclearman: Thanks! And yes, your right about the lighting from the engine axhaust. I have moved the omnidirectional light down a bit, hopefully this will be enough. As for the ripp effect from the heat, I was planning to do this post. However, it occured to me that perhaps this can be achieved using geometry with 100% transparent material with slight refraction and a nice bumpmap. Will persue this tomorrow.

Andy: Yes, implanning to do a lot of post-work tweeking. I’ll especially work on the contrast, highlights and saturation.

DimitrisLiatsos: Thanks man! At least one of us understands it :smiley: . Kidding aside, this was actually my first real encounter with Cinemas node based particle system. I have a few things left to tweek, and Im hoping for a Thinking Particles expert to help me out a little with some good suggestion :wip: …even worse will be to create a convincing shader for it all.

kaajey: Thanks! I have used one sky map for illumination (not HDRI), one background image for the cloud backdrop. All other geometry has separate lights to simulate global illumination. There’s a total of 8 spotlights currently used to create a fluid light.

Thanks again all for all your comments and input!


Stunning work Peter :applause: + :thumbsup:



Looking great man. Love the materials used. :slight_smile:


i like the modelling alot, very detail on the rear side of the ship, i can never know how to model as detail as that :wise: , youre fast too, already into texturing it!!


jjdog, Rochr, tzktime: Thanks all!!! :thumbsup:

Was working on the volumetric effects for 10 hours on straight yesterday (very tired at work right now :scream: ). I have reworked the composition a bit with the addition of another ship. It’s currently a 3 hour render att half the size of the final render (due to the heavy SPD calculation at 8 subdivisions).

I was opting for using the Storm plugin for the volumetric effects, but I managed to get some very cool results with Pyrocluster withour insane render times. I have plenty of time to tweek the huge amount of settings.

Updated to follow soon…



I really how this is going! The ship surface looks amazing, and the ambient too! With the fx/post particles this will look awesome!!!

:thumbsup: keep updating!


Here’s a partial render of the second ship, showing a bit of the backside details. The closeup of the crafts show their details, however, the coloring will be different as the current color is a bit too invasive in the scene.


Into lighting and renders already,your too fast peter…but it’s looking sleek…:arteest:


As promised, here’s a lilttle test of the Pyrocluster shading of the particle stream. Much to tweek, and the settings used here are only set for fast rendering.

Please give me feedback on the general coloring and particle flow. Minor airflow detains will be post edited if possible.


Im spending every second I can on this project now and see how long I’ll manage before my wife gets too mad :wink:


This is looking great Peter. :applause:

Just a thought, This ship is massive right… maybe the camera could be looking up alittle to give it that dominant look?


You sure have a point there element5. The only reason I set the ship in this position was bacause I wanted to include all of it in the scene. I still got plenty of thime to explore.



Yeah it would be a shame to not see the scenery…that looks cool. Maybe the the ship could be banking/turning so the scenery is visible and a lower camera angle. Hope you dont mind me sharing my thoughts :slight_smile:


Hi PeterC!
As i understand, U are C4d user as well :slight_smile: The ship design is excellent! maybe to add some bump maps on the surface? This pyrocluster stuff is really cpu-crunching. How many hours i took to render the cloud? Maybe the clouds -life rate should be a little shorter- the tail of the cloud is a bit too long and “nontransparent”. Now it looks like water is boiling over cattles edge :wink:
Anyway very realistic work! :applause: :thumbsup:
And good luck!

PS. How did U manage to create those clouds? Are those made in cinema or is it photo composition?? :eek: