Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Peter Clevestig


Your background and ship model look terrific. I really like the faccetted tile look.


Peter C. ship is looking cool. Maybe for the hanger just textures and bumps with material illumination, i think its called faking detail…it depends on how close we will be to it.

Cheers :applause:


Been tweeking the lighting to kind of match the atmosphere. I want the textures of the ship to be quite reflective and I had to use 4 separate lights to evenly light the ship from all different angles to simulate the GI effect. Also added som new stuff to the hangar as you suggested, making it a deployment of spherical smal crafts.

Now comes the big challenge, the volumetric cloud effects. I’ll be reading on TP and probably harassing the Storm Tracer users in the C4D forum.


Nice render, i think you gotta make the scale of the hangar more believable, right now it’s looking really small. Once you nab that, this will look great.


Cool - now approaching the purgatory known as volumetrics then :smiley:

Sidenote - I realise you’ve just made a lighting test here, but for the final image, make sure that mama here fills up the image as much as possible :thumbsup: ( IMHO of course :slight_smile: )


superb y-axis there Peter :smiley:

That ship really is looking good, although I do agree that perhaps the hanger should be made a bit clearer somehow.


A futile attempt to sort of scape-goat that entire discussion over to this thread instead of yours eh, pig? :smiley:


:applause: Looking cool…


nivce work so far dude,…love your modeling./.love the design of the ship


Really looking good so far, Peter, I’m very impressed! The design of the ship is perfect and the fact that the surface isn’t perfectly smooth only makes it more believeble. I agree that the hangar looks a bit too small, but I can also see why you have chosen this route. Making it larger would be one solution but on the other hand the opening is designed for “normal” sized ships while the mother ship is huge, so it’s quite natural that it would almost disappear in this gigantic structure. Making the hangar larger might ruin this balance.



Agree with Cartesius, keep the hanger small to maintain the masiveness of the vessel. But maybe add more than one hanger. :shrug: Love the background.


Thanks everyone! :thumbsup:

Like you said Anders, the scale of the ship is lost a bit if I were to encrease the hangar size. At the same time I want more to be visable. One way of doing this would be to bring the ship closer to the camera. I’ll also chuck the smal craft into an emitter and see if I can get this to look like a real invasion :smiley:


The render is really cool ! Keeping the non-smoothed faces like that on the spaceship is a cool idea !


Ok,now I have moved the ship closer to the camera, hopefully exposing more details of the hangar and also increased the amount of crafts leaving the mother ship using Cinemas particle system.


Looking good.

Can’t recall right now what was planned for the empty parts of the image… and too lazy to go back and check :smiley: - but have you tried a portrait orientation yet? Just a feeling, but I think it might be worth checking it out…


I have started work on the particles now and have managed to create a comet tale like particle flow following the ship on its decent. I used selected polygons from the original mesh as emitters with object controled gravity and so on.

What I now would like to do is first, add a slight friction to the particles just after birth so simmulate the friction caused by the wind velocity. Secondly, I would like to make sure that each particle birth occurs from the surface normals of each emitting polygon as currently, the particle birth direction is governed by the direction of the emitter axis (I would presume).

Im asking if anyone with TP experience can help me out here, and also give me more suggestions that I haven’t thought about. Would be very much appreciated!!!


Thanks James. Im going to add more smal craft that will fill up the left part of the image. Im hoping the particles will fill the right side. Im also not excluding the possibillity of having multiple mother ships places lower down.

As for the profile shot, is it still looking a bit phillic? :smiley:


Peter the ship is so cool, and I love the BG, but I think you should bring the ship much closer to camera - you’ll make more of the scale if you still come a little below it, and crop some of it’s extremeties out of frame - I’d also definitely consider the idea of having more than one across your scene, that way you can lavish in the proximity and scale of one up closer, and show of the full shape and maybe a different rotation of one (or more) further afield!? :arteest:


I like the image so far, but try keeping the mother ship as the main focus. Will help in the over all mood. Have you thought about haveing some kind of water indentation or particles tying in the ship to the water environment?


Thanks for the input everyone!!!

kromekat: Im currently rendering another version where I have added another ship a bit further away, showing more profile and also some of the back. I’ll post it a.s.a.p. Hopefully, this will add more complexity to the scene. At the same time, I want a sense of scale and space by the vastness of the sky. Im eager to here yours and all others thought on it.

neble: Thanks! I’ll try to keep the focus on it, but before the particle effects are in place, it will look a bit empty/unfocused. Im hoping the particles will draw the viewers twards it. As for the water environment, I don’t really understand what you mean. Are you refering to water vapor in the atmosphere that is created due to the friction?