Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Peter Clevestig


great detail!
another c4d-hero. definitely worth watching :applause:


Thanks again everyone!!! :thumbsup:

I should have uploaded more images last night, after I greebled the whole ship. However, It didn’t look good enough so I’ll redo it tonight using a little different approach (hopefully twards the better).

Please stay tuned! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, think Im done with the ship for the moment. Majority of the details will not be visable, so I’ll let the rest depent on the texturing.

Let me know what you think!


A really cool design and modeling. Are you going to smoothen the outer hull on this one or leave it a little rough?

Great work man, keep it up! :slight_smile:


Sweet :thumbsup: very sleek.


Thanks! :thumbsup:

Rochr: I’m letting the hull be a bit rough intentionally. Im hopefull that this will help give a more worn look together with a slight reflectiveness. Im probably going with procedural shaders unless I actually manage to get the UV sorted enough.


ooohh nice updates Peter, that ship really has a most interesting design.


Nicely done Peter…You been up all nights have’nt you?:wink: …Well if so,it’s been worth it,nice amount of work/art here.And looking mighty fine…Your onto a nice road here,keep on it,looking very nice…:arteest:


Peter - the design is very cool - and quite unusual, which is always helpful! :slight_smile: - Something that it also has, which I myself have found makes for a successful design; personality! - from the front, it almost has the character of a Western Gunslinger! - ten gallon hat, and hands down poised over it’s gun belt!
Mostly, these things are purely coincidence, and you may not ‘see’ it until the end (or at all!), but on a subconscious level, vewers will register the shape as powerful, poised etc.


hey very nice moleds and it looks very metalic… i like ur design of the ships… really cool… u totally inspired me a lot… keep goin buddy u got my best wishes… :thumbsup:


You have made an excellent job on the surface of the mother of all motherships, Peter. Very good stuff, and I like that it has a certain roughness - makes it more believable IMHO.

Sidenote: Ex-wife thingy had a look this afternoon, and immediately pointed out that the upper half of the ship, particularly the angle shown in the upper left corner of that collage, does look a bit… .er… phallic :smiley: Didn’t occur to me previously, but now I can no longer disregard it… bwaahaa!


LoL! Never occured to me. She must have a dirty mind pointing out the likeness to a wiener :smiley:

Hehe, I’ll just have to angle the ship a bit from the camera view so I won’t attract all the perverts :surprised

Just a quick question, did she say if the size was ok? :smiley:


Bwaahaa! :smiley: There was no reference available for comparison at the time, so I’m afraid it was not discussed at all.


Thanks again all!!!

Texture progress set for this weekend :arteest:


A possible setup for the background. The city is 100% SPD. Partial imaged based ilummination and using a background by Thomas Krahn.


Beautiful backdrop Peter…Elegant and serene,I like the fit with your color pallette,the vessels will match and correspond very well with this beautiful sky backdrop…Nice choice.:arteest:


Yep, indeed a perfect backdrop! Keep grinding dude :wip:


Just completed the main texturing of the ship where Im relying on the model geometry more than on a bumbmap. Slight reflection with diffusion will hopefully hely it blent into the final scene. The hangar bay lights need more definition, and perhaps I’ll add some sort of decals that could match.

Please let me know what you think!


Looks very good :thumbsup: For the hangar bay, you really should consider actually modeling a hangar opening with some small details inside. It would make a big impression for the cost of very little work me thinks… doesn’t have to be anything complicated really.

EDIT : Just realised I was looking at the wrong place :smiley: So, to adjust, the greenish light on the very center of the model… it needs something more… just greeble the lit areas I guess, with some thin unlit thingers inbetween…


Yes James, was thinking of adding things to the hangar. Perhaps pillars and a few ships of some kind.

As for the light areas, Im thinking of just encreasing the size of the hangar lights a bit. I will add other lights to other areas aswell.