Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Peter Clevestig


Looking real good so far. I love the shape of your second spaceship - perhaps it’s better for smaller attackships though. Going to be interesting to see how this turns out.

snyggt jobbat!


looking great so far, i like the idea of the “just before attack” feeling.

Keep it up!



The modeling is really coming along.

How will you depict the Iconic/Legend/Mythic elements of the challenge?


Oh, I see you’re moving along with my favourite concept ship! Great work so far - though I wonder… if I understand your initial sketches, this ship will be headed straight into the camera so to speak - those carefully greebled rear bits will not be visible at all? Anyway, good job :thumbsup:


for this spaceships the way you added all details fits perfectly, with great textures and render they will look like real.
I don’t know what’s wrong with the jets i think their root needs to be wider maybe.


Coming along well Peter.As you say it probably won’t be seen in the final scene.But I think it’s a good idea sometimes to complete a model for reel showcasing down the road,or perhaps a model such as this can still make it into the final shot from another angle…:arteest:

Your doing a nice job peter.nice details and progress…:cool:


great job, I love the models. I am still unsure about the composition. It seems as though its planet based. Does that mean alien terrian?


Thanks all! :beer:

jonahhawk: The scene will be an invasion scene seen from the highest could layer that this ship will pierce. Friction from the ships entrance will create a very heavy volumetric fire/gas effect around the ship. This, together with a vest future cityscape seen far below will hopefully complete the Iconic look.

JamesMK: Yes, and thank you for your suggestion that concept!. I think is is the most interesting design and it will hopefully work better in the final scene. As for the details that won’t be seen in the final scene, well, no shortcuts here :smiley: . I also feel more secure doing the whole thing as it gives me more satisfaction when looking at the “whole picture” when trying to figure out what to add next. Also, I can use it again in another scene in the future.

Designer2: I’ll post a closer view of the engine roots as there is more detail that can be seen from the images posted. There is an attachement which widens. Anyway, they won’t be visable in the final scene, but perhaps I’ll widen them.

||) |V| |^|: There will be a futuristic cityscape far below. It will be fairly visable from the scene through haze and I’ll give it a slight circylar curvature to enhance the feel of altitude.

Thank you all again for your support :thumbsup: …much more to come!


What a fantastic design an so true to ur concept…:applause:


I’m totally with you there! It just struck me as a bit of a bummer to miss out on those neat greebles in the final image :sad:


Wow ! cool modeling !


Nice modeling.I like the concept too.Good luck with the rest.:thumbsup:


this will be a real eyecandy


blast and I thought I had subscribed to your thread Peter :hmm:

really like the design of those renders :thumbsup:


Thanks everyone!

I’ll be completing the back and comence work on the front details and antenna assembly on the bottom of the ship this evening. More to come…


Wow amazing modelling session Peter… that’s rock :buttrock:


This is really shaping up good, Peter!



Fantastic modeling work Peter. Love the detail!


Hi Peter

yes, I agree, really amazing model … the only (really minor) thing is that in some way the engines look too small for that ship … but this is a completely personal feeling … if I only could model like that

Look forward to see more :slight_smile: (I really start to enjoy having joined this challenge … I’m not doing so much but I’m learning a lot by looking other works … nice experience)

Bye, Riccardo :slight_smile:


Peter! - I thought I was subscribed to your thread already, but it doesn’t appear that I even posted before now!!?

Looking great! - great ship design and modeling!! :thumbsup: